Micro Focus Drives Efficiency & Self-Help for Customers Using Verint Community Platform

Read how Micro Focus, a leading enterprise software provider, leverage Verint’s Community platform to elevate the voice of the customer by providing a place for collaboration, engagement, help, training and discussion.

The Results

  • 120,000

    Increased members by 25% since 2021 to 120,000 users.

  • 24%

    Increased content views by 24% since 2021.

  • 25%

    Drives innovation with 25% of development focused on customer-sourced ideas.

About Micro Focus

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. The $2.9 billion organization delivers mission-critical technology and supporting services that help thousands of customers worldwide manage core IT elements of their business so they can run and transform—at the same time. Micro Focus has more than 11,000 employees in 48 countries.

Standardize on a single, enterprise-wide platform with Verint Community

The company has been a long-term advocate of using an online community to provide better support, elevate the voice of the customer, and increase productivity. “The original community use case was for support,” says Raquel Winkler, Community Manager at Micro Focus. “We wanted to provide a forum for collaboration, engagement, help, documentation, training, and discussion on Micro Focus’ 100+ product portfolio.”

However, following business acquisitions, Micro Focus was using two overlapping community platforms – when, logically, it made sense to standardize on a single, enterprise-wide platform.

Winkler explains, “We chose to standardize on the Verint Community platform for its flexibility and user experience. We concluded that Verint would enable us to customize the platform quickly and easily. It integrates seamlessly with many systems, and it’s very easy to use.”

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Solution: Micro Focus leverage Verint Community for their 120,000 users

Working closely with the experienced community consultancy and Verint Partner 3sides, Micro Focus deployed Verint Community as part of a wider engagement strategy across the Micro Focus and CyberRes brands. Live for five years, the Micro Focus Community provides an exceptional pool of knowledge where customers can participate 24x7x365.

Micro Focus’ 120,000 community users benefit from an array of intuitive, value-add services, including:

  • Ask and explore: Ask product-specific questions, start discussions, read product tips and blogs, and submit ideas and product enhancement requests.
  • Knowledge partners: Engage with community volunteers who are product experts.
  • News from support: Receive the latest news and updates from the Micro Focus support team.
  • Prescribed labels: Group owners can define a set of predefined labels. Authors must choose at least one label, allowing for a clear knowledge structure for both users and group managers. This improves the way users search for content.

“The visuals and the experience are second to none,” says Winkler. “On a daily basis, thousands of customers, partners, and other users are using the community to learn, engage, and submit ideas.”

3sides has played a vital role in the successful Micro Focus community implementation and management. “From journey mapping and implementation to community experience design, the 3sides team adds great value at every step,” Winkler adds. “Their expert technical knowledge, understanding of our business goals, and rapid implementation techniques ensure that Micro Focus benefits from a thriving community.”

Benefits: Delivering a highly engaging, innovative user experience with the Verint Community platform

Verint Community is helping Micro Focus to reimagine the engagement experience, and the benefits are far reaching. They include:

  • Call deflection: By providing users with rapid, expert answers to their questions, the community deflects support inquiries away from physical support resources. When a question is answered, it is also confirmed. As a result, future users have validated evidence of response authenticity. Deflecting calls from support allows Micro Focus to drive efficiency, help customers self-serve in the community, and allow support engineers to invest their time into providing content that would reach more users through the community.
  • Innovation and churn prevention: The ideation platform includes point-based voting, moderation of ideas, idea workflow, comments, and many more common ideation capabilities. Previously, Micro Focus had very little visibility into the process. Now, over 20,000 ideas have been submitted to date, of which 19 percent have been voted on, accepted, and delivered as product enhancements for customers. This also contributes to churn prevention, since customers benefit from an enhanced user experience.

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  • Elevate the voice of the customer: The community generates a wealth of user-generated content, which prospects can use to learn more about Micro Focus products and services directly from their peers. To date, more than 2.5 million pieces of content have been created in the community, including forum questions and replies, wiki articles, ideas, and blogs.
  • Support pre-sales engagement: All of the above is available prior to secure log-in, so prospects can gather a vast array of freely available knowledge prior to purchase. Once a customer purchases a product, they have an additional level of physical and virtual support, further elevating the customer experience.
  • Deliver multi-brand experience: The community offers a seamless, connected brand experience across both Micro Focus and CyberRes users.
  • Streamline management: The vast, growing multinational community is managed by a team of six people.
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