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A critical shift in the way your contact center engages with customers and your workforce is already underway. Are you ready? Our innovative contact center solutions are built to help you deliver a premium customer experience by empowering your people and expanding automated tasks.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Verint

Forrester Consulting’s The Total Economic Impact™ of Verint study, commissioned by Verint, found that by using speech analysis to better understand cross-selling strategies and providing agents with customer information in real time allowed organizations using Verint to improve cross-selling in their customer engagement centers.

We used Verint to understand what folks are talking about during successful cross-selling calls and we increased our cross-selling from $800,000 to $1.2 million.”  – Workforce Manager, Healthcare

Balancing cost and CX in contact centers

Contact center leaders are racing to keep costs down while still providing superior customer service. In today’s call centers, this task is tougher than ever.

So, what should you do to deliver a great customer experience (CX) and get a leg up on the competition? Organizations that come out on top are adopting these two best practices:

  • Moving beyond traditional workforce optimization (WFO)
  • Investing in contact center automation

Implementing contact center solutions that allow you to do both of these practices exceedingly well is critical if you want to have a competitive edge.

The Alorica Customer Success Story
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Beyond Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Workforce Optimization helps you increase productivity and improve customer experience by optimizing agent staffing, coaching and performance. However, to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape, workforce optimization alone simply isn’t enough.

Leading brands are retaining their top agents by providing flexibility and a satisfying work-life balance. They meet the needs of the new generation of employees by leveraging modern technology and experiences.

Call center software enables organizations to provide exceptional customer experiences by engaging employees and agents.


The Contact Center of the Future:

Workforce Engagement is the next step in the evolution of workforce optimization. Workforce Engagement software combines the contact center solutions used to optimize staffing, coaching, and performance with real-time tools to optimize engagements across channels in the cloud.

Optimize call center agents’ schedules, easily evaluate service quality, access real-time analytics to see agent performance, and customer experience.

Watch Here: How Workforce Management Helps with Work from Anywhere

Embrace Automation in the Contact Center

Automation takes the pressure off businesses, which are rapidly reaching the breaking point. With contact center solutions like automation, you can offload manual, repetitive tasks so your employees can focus on work that matters. By automating routine tasks, you not only help agents do better work but increase their engagement and improve their performance.

You can leverage automation to handle the increasing volume of customer interactions without increasing headcount. The call center software of the future enables you to resolve issues faster and strengthen customer relations with personalized routing and accelerated service times.

The contact center of the future is available…today:

Agents and bots are working together to make it easier for and make .
Further, by , from scoring calls to assigning coaching sessions, organizations can quickly see and resolve skill gaps and compliance issues.
A hybrid workforce of humans and robots are working together. This expanded team ensures agents are able to work at maximum productivity levels while still enjoying a desirable work-life balance.

Organizations who take advantage of the automation capabilities available with call center software will win the race for customer loyalty.

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Featured Contact Center Solutions

  • Workforce Engagement

    Keep employees engaged, motivated, and informed with a comprehensive set of contact center solutions for delivering great customer service.
  • Workforce Management

    Reduce the risk of overstaffing, overtime, and shrinkage while automating tasks, identifying time-off opportunities, and providing employees with schedules they prefer.
  • Knowledge Management

    Answer every question with confidence. Handle customer service issues faster and more consistently without sacrificing quality.
  • Automated Desktop

    Unify your customer data to simplify processes, reduce mistakes, and drive efficiency. Show the right information, right when it’s needed.

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