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Digital channels can no longer be an afterthought. Elevate your digital customer experience across web, mobile and apps. Quickly identify and act on customer feedback and issues across your digital channels. Improve conversions and deliver exceptional CX

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Top 5 Digital CX Challenges

Is your digital CX program effective?

Digital channels are more important than ever. Web, social, and mobile are a critical piece of the brand and customer journey. And with the rise of self-service, there are more actions than ever before customers wish to manage themselves. By not addressing customer experience from the lens of web and mobile, companies run the risk of:

  • Lower conversion rates and fewer repeat visitors
  • Losing customers to competitors
  • Lower NPS or CSAT scores
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What is Verint Experience Management for Digital?

Verint Experience Management for Digital allows companies to take a holistic approach to their customer experience. By incorporating voice of the customer data across web, mobile, social, and survey feedback, companies can tap into digital analytics and glean insights quickly so Digital and Marketing leaders  can take strategic decisions that drive the customer experience. Finally, you can track the digital customer journey  and gain insights into the omnichannel experience.

Now you can:

  • Employ active listening to identify and fix issues in real-time
  • Create listening posts to solicit feedback based on event triggers and early warning signals
  • Tap into closed-loop action and follow up with specific customer feedback
  • Implement flexible, ad hoc surveys to better understand customer experience and then take actions and improve digital experiences
  • Apply greater structure and consistency for CX initiatives by generating KPIs, utilizing benchmarking, and creating outer-loop feedback systems
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Tangible ROI from Proven Benefits

Implementing Verint Experience Management for Digital results in quick time to value and real results that drive sales and customer loyalty. Companies that use Verint Experience Management for Digital see benefits such as an increase in digital channel or mobile app containment, decreased online order abandonment, and increased online orders. XM for Digital can also help companies increase NPS, CSAT and revenue through marketing improvements.

Companies can also seamlessly integrate data across channels and use linked metrics to predict customer actions.

Achieve Integrated CX from Digital and In-Location Feedback with Experience Management
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Turbocharge the Performance of your Digital, Marketing, and eCommerce Teams

Your teams share the same goals, such as revenue gains, customer retention, and customer satisfaction. Too often, the digital, marketing, eCommerce and CX teams operate in silos which prevents timely identification and resolution of customer journey obstacles. Teams across the organization that touch digital channels and applications can use Verint Experience Management solutions for a variety of use cases. For example, they can:

  • Take advantage of predictive modeling and analytics to support strategy decisions that improve the digital experience
  • Isolate customer interaction points and provide data that can be used for feature prioritization and process improvement
  • Wire real-time feedback for immediate action and enable self-service and assisted service capabilities

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  • Digital Feedback

    Capture customer-initiated feedback via web and mobile channels throughout the digital customer journey
  • Digital Behavior Analytics

    Turn customer experiences into actionable data
  • Survey Management

    Find deeper and more meaningful insights with proactive, in-the-moment engagement
  • Predictive Modeling

    Leverage AI to understand the customer journey
  • Interaction Analytics

    Interact with your customers on whatever channel they choose

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