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Optimize digital experiences in real time. Collect, integrate, analyze, and action digital feedback to improve the user experience, streamline customer effort, and drive higher conversions and engagement. 

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Elevate Customer Experiences on Web & Mobile

  • Drive higher conversions and engagement

    Align all customer-facing digital channels strategically, including web, mobile, and social to drive a consistent and positive customer experience. 

  • Remove friction from the customer journey

    Action insights in real-time to improve customer conversions, identify opportunities for self-service, and implement hot fixes that enhance the digital customer journey. 

  • Make impactful business decisions

    Uncover the “why” behind your customers’ digital behaviors, use predictive modeling to support strategic decisions, and improve the digital experience by apapting to change faster. 

Unify Your Voice of the Customer Program Across Digital Channels

Digital channels are the first touchpoint in almost every customer’s journey, making them crucial for acquiring and retaining customers. Verint Web & Mobile is an industry leader in helping brands to:

  • Use in-the-moment feedback to identify issues and fix them before they cause lost revenue
  • Build flexible, dynamic surveys for strategic feedback you can apply to your VoC programs
  • Detect customer struggles in real-time, automate follow-up, and engage the user to enable task completion
  • Leverage predictive modeling & journey-level insights to prioritize improvements
  • Use advanced reporting and data visualization in real-time that can be updated when you need it
  • Aggregated alerts based off a broad range of data sources, including sentiment or intent, are triggered by complex logic with case management closing the loop.

How technology can help drive efficiency and CX in the Public Sector?


Achieving effortless efficiency is a constant challenge for public sector organizations. Join the three-part webinar series sponsored by TTEC Digital and learn more about:
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  • How AI and CX Automation can help you better serve your community without increasing resources.
  • How you can best use the data you already have.
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Power Great CX with Verint Web & Mobile

Listen And Engage Across Any Digital Channel

Gain meaningful insights – at every stage of the digital customer journey – with proactive listening through embedded, in-moment surveys and behavioral analytics to triage in real-time, spot early warning signals, prevent lost sales, and increase customer conversions.   

Speed Up Insights To Action On Customer Feedback

Drive action and resolutions quickly with robust case management, automation triggers and alerts, and localized feedback. Use CX automation to dynamically present tools for self-service, automatically update customer profiles and trigger follow-up in near real-time. 

Identify immediate fixes in the customer digital journey as well as strategic improvements to web and mobile to imrpove the customer experience. 

Drive ROI From Call Deflection And Self-Service

Fully understand your customer behavior, identify and address barriers to conversion, and intercept struggles in real-time to save employees time and effort with improved customer self-service.  

Continuously Monitor and Exceed Your KPIs

Verint Digital Behavior Analytics provides customer experience visualizations allowing you to understand exactly how customers interact with your web and mobile presence. Your teams can leverage heatmaps and form analysis, filter data based on page names, segments, visible text, or gestures, and use click maps to analyze navigation patterns or usability problems.  

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Partner with Verint for VoC Success

With the shift in consumer preferences and the explosive growth of digital engagement channels, many businesses still struggle to know where best to invest their resources.

Partner with Verint and you’ll be working closely with a team of experts – including a complimentary Customer Success Manager – to help you achieve your business outcomes through:

  • A fully supported implementation process and professional services that scale based on your needs.
  • The knowhow – and continued support with prescriptive recommendations – to reduce time to value and accelerate insights into action.
  • Extensive self-service capabilities for greater flexibility and guidance for program maturity with embedded enablement and a structured “Quick Start” program.

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Verint Recognized as VoC Leader

The need to listen to, understand and engage with customer feedback is greater than ever. With numerous solutions on the market, it’s important to understand what makes a Leader.

That’s why the IDC MarketScape evaluated vendors in their IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Voice of the Customer Applications 2023-2024 Assessment.

Verint is proud to be recognized as a Leader by the IDC MarketScape, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and world class VoC.

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Verint Web & Mobile AI-Powered Bots

Leveraging Verint Web & Mobile to detect struggle, and the Digital Containment Bot, you can seamlessly identify and resolve customers’ challenges in real-time. Whether on your website or mobile app, the bots ensure swift issue resolution, minimizing the need for additional customer service interventions. Using behavioral data and AI, these bots reshape your customer experience by optimizing web containment and reducing support costs.

Listen, analyze and act with Verint Voice of the Customer

  • Digital Feedback

    Capture customer-initiated feedback via web and mobile channels throughout the digital customer journey
  • Survey Management

    Find deeper and more meaningful insights with proactive, in-the-moment engagement
  • Predictive Modeling

    Leverage AI to understand the customer journey
  • Interaction Analytics

    Interact with your customers on whatever channel they choose

Voice of the Customer insights

FAQs on Digital Voice of the Customer


Digital Voice of the Customer is the process of planning, organizing, and managing all aspects of a customer’s digital experience. Getting this right is important because it helps you create a seamless and consistent experience for your customers across all channels. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue.  

There are many different aspects to Digital Voice of the Customer, but some of the most important include:  

  • Listening for deep customer insights 
  • Acting to close the loop on customer feedback 
  • Analyzing for strategic business changes 

Verint solutions help businesses listen, analyze, and act on customer data to create a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.