Urban Science Increases Client Collaboration and Value with Verint Survey Management


  • Generates critical insights and data socialization to prime the organization for most impactful action, serving as the foundation for the company’s NPS Global Center of Excellence.

  • Drives continuous improvement focused on maintaining high levels of client loyalty as measured by NPS, which the business has proven to align with key business outcomes such as customer contract renewal.


Urban Science employs 900 data scientists worldwide, providing its B2B automotive OEM clients with data science-based recommendations and solutions to maximize returns and create certainty in a fast-moving industry. The company lives by its motto—“Everyone has an opinion. We have science.”—with the provision of exceptional data-driven insights at the heart of everything it does.

Relentless curiosity and processes backed by science make Urban Scientists trusted problem solvers in the automotive industry. Founded in 1977, the company invented a potent model for network planning that is still used today to optimize the locations of dealerships, and to ensure each site has the opportunity to reach its potential performance level. Other leading Urban Science solutions focus on helping its customers gain insights for improvement in areas spanning business management, retail performance, traffic improvement, and lead management.

While the auto industry has changed over the years, the Urban Science value proposition continues to grow increasingly relevant to help increase sales, profit, and customer loyalty. Today, the company serves every automotive OEM across 70 countries worldwide.

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“The Urban Science Client Strategy is: We build long-term client relationships through completely satisfied customers,” says Randall Tallerico, chief marketing officer at Urban Science. “We have three- to five-year contracts with the majority of our clients, and our goal is to continue to contribute to our clients’ success and earn their business, leading to contract renewals.”

To support this goal, Urban Science has built an extensive voice of the customer program to measure and manage its client service operations via a world-class center of excellence practice based on Net Promoter Score (NPS)1 methodology. The company has leveraged Verint Survey Management2 at the foundation of this practice since 2012.

Verint Survey Management provides multi-faceted support. It enables Urban Science to capture insight from its customers on the company’s promise to provide best-in-class people, scientific analytical processes, thought leadership, software, and data.

1Net promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc. Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld.

2Formerly Verint Enterprise Feedback Management

For example, Urban Science conducts a twice-yearly flagship client relationship NPS survey amongst its OEM decision makers, key influencers, and end user clients across the globe. Additionally, the company administers ad hoc surveys per client assignment to gather feedback and insights to, for example, assess customer experience pertaining to an individual Urban Science solution in a specific region or dealer location.

Given Urban Science’s mission, exceptional data quality and customer experience (CX) analytics are critical to the company’s overarching approach. As a flexible customer feedback management platform, Verint Survey Management provides a complete view into customer experience, while empowering the organization to act tactically, operationally, and strategically to optimize business processes and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Urban Science client NPS surveys utilize Verint technology to provide real-time client feedback to enable immediate client contact and action planning. Response rates are statistically sound, with a global average of 60 percent and some business units achieving 100 percent.

“We opted to work with Verint because the company was a well-established thought leader in the voice of the customer arena,” notes Tallerico.

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Urban Science has a global culture of operationalizing the CX insight it captures with effective and results-driven action. The company harnesses Verint Survey Management to simplify this process by delivering digestible, personalized, and highly relevant daily reports to all key stakeholders globally.

The Urban Science business metrics team then works with each business unit worldwide to formulate actionable follow-up plans to implement the most impactful improvements. The improvement process requires follow-up with each client who received a survey, including those who did not respond. Urban Science implements and documents an improvement action plan for each red scored question (scores between 0–6).

A knowledge management system is integral to the company’s overall program. All employees have access to a database of best practices of follow-up actions on a question-by-question basis. This provides critical guidance to drive more effective action when concerns are raised by clients.

While Urban Science is careful not to view NPS as the end-game itself, it is a potent indicator of the overall quality of its client relationships and client loyalty. Negative trends in NPS are highly correlated to increased risk in the client relationship. Understanding the drivers of NPS early enables the organization to take proactive action before client relationships are negatively impacted (the company has proven through multi-variate regression analysis that “thought leadership” is the number one driver of likelihood to recommend).

Similarly, offices that have high NPS scores are in a better position to present new solutions to client organizations, as promoters can be leveraged to support these sales efforts. NPS scores in the green zone (at or above 75 percent) across every single category correspond with consistently high revenue growth and profitability.

Results have been staggering. The program has been characterized by constant improvement and Urban Science’s most recent survey generated the best NPS score in its history, representing a 92.9 percent improvement since the company began capturing this data.

The innovative use of Verint Survey Management by Urban Science is testament to the solution’s enterprise-level capability to support extensive global CX improvement programs grounded in the NPS measurement framework—in this case, in a B2B environment. Tallerico concludes, “Urban Science continues to deliver a leading NPS program in the B2B world. Our comprehensive NPS process combined with our Verint partnership has helped us put in place the technology and processes to support long-term relationships necessary for increasing client collaboration and value.”

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