Verint Enterprise Customer Experience

Verint Enterprise Customer Experience empowers CX executives to listen, analyze and act on direct, indirect, and inferred customer feedback to improve enterprise-wide customer engagement, reduce customer effort, and drive successful CX programs.

Power great customer experiences with Verint Enterprise Customer Experience

The key to outstanding CX isn’t one thing, it’s seeing the big picture. With Verint Enterprise Customer Experience, you can easily and automatically aggregate and integrate customer insights from across the enterprise, including contact center, digital, and in-location.  

By unifying and structuring your customer data, you finally have the clarity to drive high-value strategic and operational decisions across the organization that help to automate continuous improvement, reduce customer effort and streamline the omnichannel customer journey. 

Verint Recognized as VoC Leader

The need to listen to, understand and engage with customer feedback is greater than ever. With numerous solutions on the market, it’s important to understand what makes a Leader.

That’s why the IDC MarketScape evaluated vendors in their IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Voice of the Customer Applications 2023-2024 Assessment.

Verint is proud to be recognized as a Leader by the IDC MarketScape, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and world class VoC.

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Build better relationships with your customers with powerful capabilities that enable you to:

  • Listen Everywhere

    Listen to your customers across every touchpoint and every channel. Omnichannel feedback, ad hoc survey management, and proactive listening capabilities are available from day one to help unify CX across your organization.

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Verint Enterprise Customer Experience amplifies CX transformation 

GNC helps people live healthier lives by giving them easy access to wellness products. But, when the world moved digital-first and online demand skyrocketed, the ecommerce team felt the pressure. They turned to Verint to improve feedback collection that gave them the insight needed to fix frustrating digital issues.

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“GNC is a big company with many moving parts, but we’re all seeing the same feedback data, so we can coordinate and respond as one. Our customers have noticed, and we have clear evidence that the changes we made have had a positive impact on sales.”

Develop a deeper understanding of your customer behavior to drive better business decision-making and elevate your customer experience delivery.

Go beyond direct survey feedback and gain insights from all unstructured interaction data by automatically combing direct, indirect and inferred voice, text, survey, and 3rd party insights to automate actions on customer feedback and sentiment. 

  • Unified, Multi-Source Analysis: Unified sentiment, categories, trends and impact from unstructured inferred and indirect feedback.  
  • Interactive Visualizations: Filter by channel, date, sentiment or category.  
  • Add ad-hoc visualizations Automated Alerts: Send SMS or email alerts for immediate action. 
  • Sentiment Impact: Understand overall sentiment trends and impact by category and channel. 
  • Close the Loop: Automate workflow with case management to ensure fast customer resolution. 

Powered by Verint Engagement Data Hub

Verint Enterprise Customer Experience is powered by the Verint Engagement Data Hub, which houses Verint cloud-based interaction and survey data and allows you to add interaction, survey, and other data from external sources and archives. This enables you to unify customer listening across channels for a holistic view of customer sentiment, effort, and areas for improvement regardless of your data source. It enables brands to use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to make faster business decisions, automate actions, and scale CX operations. 

Voice of the Customer Solutions line-up 

  • Listen Everywhere

    Move beyond traditional survey management by listening to every customer touch point on every channel to create a powerful omnichannel customer feedback program.
  • Analyze Deeper

    Develop a deeper understanding of your customer behavior to drive better business decision-making and elevate your customer experience delivery.
  • Take Action

    Leverage the powerful insights from Verint Voice of the Customer to take action and optimize your customer journey across every touchpoint.

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