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Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Improve the Customer Experience as You Optimize Your Business

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the need to maximize customer engagement and increase revenue while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience—across all communication channels.

Verint has augmented its Voice of the Customer Analytics solutions with Engagement Analytics to help transform these goals from divergent to complementary. Capitalizing on solutions from KANA, part of Verint, our portfolio of Customer Analytics solutions helps organizations capture customer interactions, feedback, and journeys across multiple channels; analyze and interpret them in the context of business objectives; and respond more effectively to customer, business, and market demands. With these solutions, organizations can deliver consistent, contextual, and personalized customer experiences while providing insight for enhancing enterprise performance, customer and employee engagement, and consumer loyalty.

Verint Customer Analytics solutions include:

  • Speech Analytics—for mining recorded calls and surfacing customer sentiments and rising trends.
  • Text Analyticsfor extracting actionable business intelligence from text-based documents and interactions across a variety of channels, including web chat, email, social media, and more.
  • Enterprise Feedback Management—for capturing customer feedback as part of—or independent from—contact center feedback. Mobile solutions can enable you to capture feedback anywhere, anytime. Enterprise Feedback Management IVR for capturing transactional feedback over the IVR.
  • Engagement Analytics—for gathering and correlating massive amounts of data on customer interactions, journeys, and profiles to help enhance customer and employee engagement.

To learn how other customers are improving the customer experience as they optimize their businesses, review our case studies or read our white papers.