Verint Solutions for Amazon Web Services

Want powerful, AI-based solutions to increase customer experience (CX) automation? You’ve come to the right place.

About AWS

Verint is the leader in CX Automation, and together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) we have the tools and resources you need to have an amazing impact on your customers’ experiences.  All of Verint’s applications and bots are available on the AWS marketplace, so you can:

  • Add innovation immediately to your existing ecosystem, without ripping out your current investments.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications in your ecosystem, like ACD, CRM, UCaaS, and more.
  • Realize measurable ROI by lowering costs while simultaneously elevating the customer experience.

Increase CX automation to deliver AI business outcomes, now

Verint Open Platform helps brands continually increase CX automation across the enterprise to drive immediate outcomes for their business.  As interaction volumes grow, the cost to continually hire more resources is unsustainable. Verint provides differentiated capabilities to drive value in your contact center:

  • Open: With Verint, you can seamlessly integrate with other applications in your ecosystem so you can get value from your existing investments. Bring your own ACD, CRM, LLMs, and more.
  • Data: Verint unifies your behavioral data so it can be easily accessed and leveraged to empower your business with insights and turn the organization into a highly efficient, data-driven operation.
  • AI: Our team of AI-powered bots were designed to automate a single human function to augment your workforce and start generating ROI quickly.
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Building enduring customer relationships in financial services

Verint partners with the most iconic brands in financial services across the globe.  In fact, 12 of the Top 15 banks in the US and Canada trust Verint Workforce Management for Branch™ to staff and schedule over 40,000 branches worldwide.

We help financial services firms improve efficiencies and performance across their entire enterprise – from digital, to contact center, back-office, branch and the trading floor.

Verint partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver our financial services solutions as a Software-as-a-Service that can scale from small businesses to global enterprises.  We are continually expanding the breadth of Verint solutions available on AWS to meet the evolving needs of our financial services customers.

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Purpose-built solutions designed for the public sector

With more than 20 years of working with organizations across all tiers of government, Verint offers purpose-built, cloud solutions to enable you to better serve your community. Public sector organizations strive to serve their communities, deliver user-centric services, lower costs, and enhance employee engagement. Our solutions can help you elevate citizen engagement at a lower cost.

Verint’s solutions span a range of public sector services, including digital citizen services, 311 call centers, public safety, services for educational institutions, and more.

Together, Verint and Amazon Web Services (AWS) deliver our public sector cloud solutions that can scale from small universities or towns to national government services.

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Market-leading customer engagement solutions for retailers

Building the optimal customer experience (CX) requires retailers to balance digital, in-store, and contact center experiences. Verint solutions for retail brands help drive higher CSAT, NPS, loyalty, and revenue across channels and journeys.

Verint provides market-leading solutions for appointment scheduling, queue management, voice of the customer analysis, workforce management, digital channel automation, and more.

With our full suite of customer engagement solutions, Verint partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver Software-as-a-Service solutions for retail brands of all sizes.

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Featured products

  • Knowledge Management

    Answer every question with confidence. Handle issues faster and more consistently without sacrificing quality.
  • Workforce Management (WFM)

    Automate repetitive, rules-based tasks and provide guidance to employees in real time to help increase productivity, reduce errors, and improve the customer experience (CX).
  • Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA)

    Drive AI outcomes with higher interaction containment rates and AI-powered routing across your voice and digital channels.
  • Interaction Analytics

    Interact with your customers on whatever channel they choose while uncovering valuable insights — regardless of where or how these interactions take place.
  • Telephony & Digital Channels

    Seamlessly provide your customers with the right experience, at the right moment, via telephony and digital channels.
  • Quality Bots

    Automate your quality process and gain deeper insight into all of your calls while managing compliance risk more effectively.

Featured Bots

  • Interaction Wrap-up Bot

    Dramatically reduce total call duration by using generative AI to automate call summaries.
  • TimeFlex Bot

    Provide unlimited scheduling flexibility to contact center agents through AI-powered schedule changes.
  • Real-Time Coaching Bot

    Provide in-the-moment guidance to agents to improve performance and compliance.
  • Quality Bots

    Automate your quality program to increase supervisor capacity and elevate your quality program.
  • Containment Bot

    Use conversational AI to resolve customer inquiries via self-service across channels.
  • Data Insights Bot

    Become a data-driven operation by accessing real-time insights from across all of your behavioral data.