Verint Digital and Voice Containment Bots

Deliver personalized self-service experiences over any digital or voice channel to effectively contain customer inquiries and reduce agent workload. 

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Provide better self-service outcomes across your organization

  • Deliver seamless self-service at scale

    Verint’s Digital and Voice Containment Bots help you scale to meet rising customer expectations. This AI-powered bot delivers personalized self-service experiences through all channels, including digital and voice, to effectively resolve and contain customer inquiries and reduce the volume of calls to your contact center.

Drive AI business outcomes with Verint IVA, now

Increase Containment Rates

Deliver personalized self-service experiences over your voice or digital channels to effectively contain customer inquiries and reduce agent workloadcontinuously improving effectiveness through AI. 

Improve First-Contact Resolution

AI-powered routing uses contextual data to intelligently distribute interactions to the right resource at the right time, regardless of channel, improving customer and agent experience and FCR.

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Bots Built Better 

The Verint Digital and Voice Containment Bots are built on industry-leading conversational AI that’s trained on over two decades’ of rich customer engagement data.  

This enables the bots to come with pre-packaged, industry-specific natural language understanding (NLU) models. Backed by a world-class dataset and and generative AI, these models detect highly accurate customer intents and generate personalized responses that assist your customers from day one of deployment. 

The bots also train on your unique engagement data to continuously improve and provide relevant, correct responses, regardless of complexity or specificity to your business. 


Deploy specialized bots across the enterprise with Verint Open Platform 

The Verint Open Platform makes it easy to deploy specialized bots that help drive CX automation. Each bot performs one specific task, and is injected directly into your workflows, putting AI at your fingertips. 

These bots are powered by Verint Da Vinci AI. Verint future-proofs your AI investment with an open approach that can keep pace with the rapid innovation in the industry. Our AI-powered bots are continually trained on your unique engagement data to drive the best results for your business. 

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