The Future of Work

Empower your employees. Connect work across silos. Deliver real-time assistance.

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  • 400.000 ↓

    Reduced call volume by 400,000 calls per year (New York Life)

  • 30%

    Decreased staffing requirements by 8% and overtime by 30% (Guardian)

  • 7% ↑

    Improved customer satisfaction by 7% and reduced cost per call (Commerce Bank)

Modern Work. Modern Solutions.

The workforce is evolving. A hybrid workforce of humans and bots is emerging. More digitally savvy workers require modern experiences. Greater flexibility is critical for work from any location, channel or department.

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Our Platform Approach

Our Future of Work solutions enable you to bridge the Engagement Capacity Gap.

Part of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform and powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics, these applications include Workforce Engagement, Seamless Self-Service, Real-Time Work, Compliance and more. They can be deployed across the enterprise.

How Workforce Management Helps with Work from Anywhere
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Workforce Engagement

For certain interactions, the human touch has become more important than ever. Your contact center, branch and back-office employees can make the difference between customer loyalty and customer churn. To help them succeed, Verint’s Workforce Engagement solutions provide:

  • Flexible schedules to meet employee needs for varying hours and locations
  • Automated quality and AI-driven knowledge to empower employees to efficiently answer questions
  • Transparent metrics, targeted coaching, and gamification to drive engagement

Seamless Self-Service

Many interactions begin online, as customers seek to resolve issues on their own. Verint’s seamless self-service solutions use conversational AI and machine learning to help your customers succeed. By automating more interactions with virtual assistants and voice self-service, you can handle the rise in interaction volumes. Now you can:

  • Reduce the cost to serve
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Decrease resolution time
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Interaction Analytics

With so many interactions across channels, seeing the big picture is a challenge. Verint Interaction Analytics gives you speech, text and social software for listening deeply. Gain the insights to create more authentic, personalized interactions at scale. With AI-powered analysis of omnichannel interactions, you can:

  • Determine which issues are best handled via self-service
  • Track topic and sentiment of interactions across channels
  • Uncover process inefficiencies and reduce costs



Verint partners with thousands of iconic brands to close the Engagement Capacity Gap, engage customers and create differentiated experiences.

Real-Time Work

On a contact center call, every second matters. Now that more agents are working remotely, real-time assistance is more important than ever. Verint solutions for real-time work can provide your agents with the right information to create positive outcomes by:

  • Automatically displaying contextual knowledge based on what is said during a call
  • Providing real-time alerts to help assist with unhappy customers
  • Notifying a supervisor when escalation is needed
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Quality and Compliance

Increasing customer expectations and industry regulations have made ensuring quality and compliance more important than ever. Verint’s solutions for quality and compliance can make it easy for employees to follow necessary processes and get the coaching they need while analyzing employee activities– no matter where they are working. These solutions can also help you efficiently address data protection laws and industry-specific governance, so you can:

  • Proactively prevent non-compliance before it occurs
  • Monitor 100 percent of interactions to detect compliance issues
  • Track compliance in all conversations across all channels
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Fraud and Security

Fraud is everywhere. From security and fraud investigative tools for the branch and corporate campus, to voice biometrics and predictive analytics, Verint has you covered.  We can help you identify suspicious caller behaviors in your contact center, investigate them and swiftly remediate risks associated with fraud and security.

With two-plus decades of experience and serving thousands of banks and credit unions, Verint leads the market in helping organizations combat fraud and enhance security.

Proven Results: The C&F Bank Story

The Future of Work Success Stories

Featured Future of Work Solutions

  • Applications Visualizer

    Give contact center managers objective, real-time data on employee application usage to help manage agents, provide feedback, and increase the capacity and productivity.
  • Automated Quality Management

    Automate your quality process and gain deeper insight into all of your calls while managing compliance risk more effectively.
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Optimize productivity and capacity, improve processes, and help ensure compliance.
  • Fraud and Security

    Identify threats and vulnerabilities in real-time, helping personnel mitigate risk, ensure operational compliance and improve fraud investigations.
  • Gamification

    Accelerate employee onboarding, drive ongoing skill development, and increase knowledge sharing.
  • Knowledge Management

    Answer every question with confidence. Handle issues faster and more consistently without sacrificing quality.
  • Operations Visualizer

    Unlock critical business insights to improve back-office employee productivity.
  • Real-Time Agent Assist

    Empower agents with real-time assistance to help improve the quality and efficiency of customer service interactions.
  • Workforce Management

    Plan, forecast and schedule your team to help achieve service goals, maximize capacity, reduce costs, and increase revenues across contact center, branch, and back-office operations.
  • Workforce Management for Branch

    Poor branch experiences can seriously damage customer relationships. Branch Workforce Optimization solutions can help you meet your customer service, efficiency and revenue goals.
  • Workforce Management for SMB

    Optimize customer interactions and employee performance with scalable small and medium-sized business software.
  • Workforce Optimization

    Make better decisions, increase productivity and improve customer experience via recording, coaching and performance solutions.