It’s Time for CX Automation

Open CCaaS delivers unmatched freedom and flexibility to drive CX automation. Leverage data, AI and bots to elevate your CX and lower cost.


Why Verint

Verint helps you leverage AI and data to unlock CX automation outcomes barely imagined a few years ago. We’re innovating so you can drive new insights, elevate CX, and lower your customer engagement costs.

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Verint Open CCaaS Platform

Verint understands your CX Automation priorities extend far beyond telephony. With our next-gen Open CCaaS platform, you have open data, open AI, open best-of-breed solutions, open ecosystems, and an open enterprise. Everything is open.

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Explore our Open Platform

Verint provides an open platform powered by data and bots to improve your ROI and drive CX automation. It’s time to open your brand to new customer engagement possibilities.

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You want to provide a great CX, but you don’t have unlimited budget or resources. With customer experience automation, you can leverage AI and automation to make it faster and cheaper to provide a great CX across channels.

This white paper from Ventana Research shows how customer feedback, employee engagement, AI and automation come together to help build your CX of the future.

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Industry Recognition

Elevating Workforce Engagement

Google chose Verint in the cloud to help plan and manage its global workforce. With Verint’s forecasting and scheduling capabilities, Google ensures it has the right people in the right place at the right time.

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Today, Verint helps Google manage hundreds of millions of conversations every year.

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