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Ready to close the Engagement Capacity Gap, engage customers, and create differentiated experiences? From first impressions to putting your talent to best use, Verint opens your brand to boundless possibilities.

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The 2022 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

Learn how changing customer preferences and behaviors impact customer experience strategies for enterprise brands.

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Why Verint

Customer engagement is the heartbeat of your brand. Verint helps you unlock customer engagement possibilities barely imagined a few years ago. We’re innovating so you can create differentiated experiences and drive new insights.

What Verint Offers

Drive personalized, proactive connections. Seamlessly manage your workforce of humans and bots. Create a CX-focused culture across your business. Harness data to drive insights and action. Gain the clarity you need to elevate your customer engagement.

2022 Engagement Capacity Gap Study

Verint’s 2022 Global Research on the State of Customer Engagement and Experience

Organizations have recovered from the initial shock of the pandemic. In the second year of post-COVID operations, constant, rapid change is the status quo. New dynamics are influencing the Engagement Capacity Gap™ and presenting organizations with a host of challenges and opportunities.

Access the full report to read our findings on changing consumer preferences, new workforce dynamics, and the five key challenges and opportunities for 2022.

The Engagement Capacity Gap Study 2022

Industry Recognition

Elevating Workforce Engagement

Google chose Verint in the cloud to help plan and manage its global workforce. With Verint’s forecasting and scheduling capabilities, Google ensures it has the right people in the right place at the right time.

Today, Verint helps Google manage hundreds of millions of conversations every year.

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Verint Cloud Platform

Leapfrog the competition with AI-powered tools built for the future of your workforce. Seamlessly provide your customers with the right experience at the right moment on their channel of choice.

Engage with your customers and employees to capture, analyze, and act on their feedback. Connect all of your interaction and experience data for analysis in a unified and cohesive way.

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