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Actionable Intelligence Solutions

Actionable Intelligence Solutions

Customer Engagement Optimization

Customer Engagement Optimization

Security Intelligence Solutions

Cyber Intelligence Solutions

Back-Office Survey

An Optimized Back-Office Management Process Self-Assessment Survey

This survey is intended for operational managers, directors, and executives responsible for the processing of product and service transactions.  At the end, you will receive your ranking against the five components of an optimized back-office management process, and recommendations on how to improve in each area.

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Registration is Now Open for Engage 2017!

Get ready to engage with industry colleagues at this interactive event dedicated to helping you get the full benefit of your Verint® solutions! Don’t miss your opportunity to take part in breakout sessions, learn from industry visionaries and product experts, share best practices with your peers, and discover how Verint Actionable Intelligence® solutions can benefit your organization.

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The Digital Tipping Point: Balancing Digital and the Human Touch in Customer Engagement

More than 24,000 consumers and 1,000 businesses across 12 countries have spoken. How do businesses get the balance right between digital and human customer service?

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