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All-New Tech Tips Library

Verint's new complimentary Tech Tips Library shares details from Verint's top experts who are passionate about providing simple solutions to your technical challenges.

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learn how one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies has transformed its customer experience program to generate real return on investment through stakeholder involvement, an innovative internal NPS program, and a variety of other leading edge approaches.


Verint + KANA: Defining a Market Leader

Together Verint and KANA are transforming the way organizations engage with their customers. Our collective solutions comprise the industry’s first end-to-end suite for delivering Actionable Intelligence to optimize the workforce, improve enterprise processes, and manage and enrich customer interactions.

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Demystifying IP Video

Download Verint’s eBook on “Demystifying IP Video” to uncover the secrets to helping banks meet security challenges head-on.

The security industry has grown more sophisticated with the larger focus on IP-based technology. Banks can invest millions of dollars in complex security systems to limit risk exposure to robberies, fraud, theft, violence and more.

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