Retail Analytics

Unlock game-changing data analytics and AI-driven insights on your customer experience and store operations. 

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Customer experience insights

Improve sales and loyalty with e-Commerce style insights on your in-store customer experience. With Retail Data Analytics, you can capture 100 new data points on a single customer’s experience, including:

  • Who visits your stores, why they came, and what their experience was like
  • Which channels your customers used, their demographic information, and where they came from
  • Who is cancelling or walking out, if customers are loyal, and what their feedback was
  • Who served each customer and how long it took
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Operational insights

Reduce operational costs and drive greater sales by capturing data across your shop floor operations, including:

  • Time and motion insights into store associate tasks, customers, breaks and dwell time
  • Staff performance over customer service interactions and task productivity
  • Customer experience insights into wait times, show and cancel rates, and more
Retail Choreography software operational insights

Access and integration

With Verint, you can continuously access rich insights using a variety of access methods, including:

  • Dashboards with role-based permissions for head office, regional managers and store level managers
  • Email reports
  • Real-time store interfaces
  • Secure, scheduled data exports into 3rd party business intelligence platforms

We also make it easy to integrate the data into the other applications in your ecosystem. You can feed the real-time data into your marketing platforms and in-store digital display content management systems (CMS) to tailor your store environment and promotions to the interests of the customers inside.

Retail Choreography software queue analytics interface

Other Retail Choreography Capabilities

  • Appointment Booking

    Increase conversion for your in-store services by making it easy for customers to book appointments from any channel.
  • Queue Management

    Create more informed waiting experiences to retain walk-ins, boost loyalty, and increase customer spend.
  • Event Management

    Drive brand loyalty by enabling customers to easily discover and book onto your in-person and virtual events, workshops and classes.
  • Task Management

    Enhance retail excellence by enabling store, branches and head office to seamlessly assign and track progress on tasks for associates to undertake.
  • Retail Ecosystem Integrations

    Take your omnichannel experience, operations, and data to the next level by connecting Hawk by Verint into your ecosystem of tools.
  • Retail Choreography Overview

    Drive sales, loyalty, and productivity with appointment booking, queue management, event management, and task management solutions.