Workforce Management Branch Data Analytics

Quickly analyze and visualize branch staffing and scheduling data to reveal critical insights

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Leverage branch staffing and scheduling data

Verint Workforce Management (WFM) Branch Data Analytics is a business intelligence tool that enables customers of Verint WFM Branch Forecaster and Verint WFM Branch Scheduler to harness their data lake in Amazon Web Services for greater insights. Workforce planners and business analysts can query the data to answer questions about strategic initiatives, such as:

  • How has new branch technology impacted transaction volumes over time?
  • Are branch managers scheduling enough time for business development activities to drive sales?
  • How did the recent branch closures impact volumes and transaction mix at neighboring branches?
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Create custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations

The acceleration of branch transformation initiatives means executives need answers fast.  WFM Branch Data Analytics enables workforce planning teams and business analysts to query, analyze and craft custom charts, tables, reports, and dashboards for bank executives. For example:

  • HR executives can be sent reports analyzing open positions and for which roles they need to be hiring
  • The head of retail banking can receive a dashboard on the day and time of their choosing showing week over week improvements in alignment of resources to customer demand by branch or geography.
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Monitor key performance indicators

Custom charts and dashboards can easily be crafted in WFM Branch Data Analytics to monitor the metrics that are most important to your organization, allowing users to identify and be more proactive in making any needed workforce changes.

Flexible filtering allows you to view the data by location, by geography, by activity type, by time of day, and more. Reports can also be set up to monitor trends and identify anomalies.

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Verint Workforce Management for Branch helps banks and credit unions improve efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and drive sales and revenue growth based on the needs of specific branches and markets.

  • 12 of the top 15

    banks in the US and Canada use Verint Branch WFM software

  • 40,000+

    branches have been licensed to use Verint Branch WFM to optimize their workforce

  • 20+

    years of industry leadership

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