Filling Your Data Gaps in Customer Interactions

Verint Team September 13, 2022

Do you have full visibility to how your workforce is handling customer interactions? Do you have gaps in your data?

Inputs from your ACD, agent metrics, speech analytics, quality management—that’s all you need to get a complete picture of your customer interactions, right? Wrong. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand how employees are using their applications to service your customers, and if they are using them efficiently and effectively?

Well, that’s possible with Verint Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA) offerings. These solutions provide valuable insight into employee actions and expand your understanding of what happens during customer interactions based on desktop application usage and activity.

Here are just a few examples of how DPA solutions can fill data gaps, augment your current workforce engagement solutions and performance metrics, and help contact centers better manage employee time and improve customer experience.

Understand Application Usage

Understanding how time is spent in the various applications can lead to great insights. This is particularly useful with work-from-home/work-from-anywhere employees. With Verint Application Visualizer you can use application data to:

  • Gain insight into employee activity when not on a customer interaction
  • Identify idle time
  • Identify applications that can be sunsetted from lack of use
  • Categorize applications for analysis (time spent in production/customer support and time spent on non-customer support work)
  • Compare schedules to actual time spent in applications
  • Identify training needs based on time spent interacting with coworkers and supervisors.

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Tag Interactions for Easy Retrieval and Analysis

With thousands of interactions occurring in your contact center, identifying specific ones for analysis and compliance review can be extremely difficult. Verint Application Triggers enables you to tag interactions with data elements, enabling you to quickly search and sort interactions by key characteristics, including:

  • Customer or product type
  • Service or sales type
  • Potential compliance requirements
  • Unique work item identifier for quality reviews of individual work items across the entire customer journey

Many of these data points are not part of the interaction but are displayed in various applications such as your CRM system. Recorded interactions can be tagged and analyzed based on this application content that would not otherwise be captured. Additionally, you can score interactions based on application attributes.

Provide Real-Time Guidance

Verint Application Triggers can also use desktop “events” to provide alerts or trigger an automated action.  For example, when paired with Verint Knowledge Management, a trigger can be leveraged to provide context for an automated search for knowledge assets, in real time, related to the interaction.

And when paired with Verint Real-Time Agent Assist, agents are provided with real-time guidance and next-best-action suggestions to help the interaction go more smoothly and ensure the right steps are taken for compliance.

Analyze and Streamline Processes

Verint DPA leverages the capabilities in Application Visualizer and Application Triggers to help drive two additional offerings: Process Discovery and Process Analysis. Process Discovery lets you map, in near real time, actual process paths taken by employees.

You can see what steps they take, in what order, and if anyone is skipping key steps—or perhaps found a faster way to execute a process.

Process Analysis gives you insights and handle times for multi-touch tasks and processes, including full process visibility after the contact is completed. Together, Process Discovery and Process Analysis can:

  • Aggregate average time to execute a task or an entire process
  • Flag outliers for training/coaching
  • Identify opportunities to streamline process steps
  • Help ensure compliance-related tasks are executed.

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Part of the Verint Cloud Platform

Verint DPA is part of the Verint Cloud Platform and has automated workflows enabling the sharing of data across Verint solutions. We mentioned Knowledge Management and Real-Time Agent Assist earlier, but DPA also integrates with many other Verint solutions to supply application data, including Verint Automated Quality ManagementWorkforce ManagementEngagement Data Management, and more.

The DPA solution enables you to gain a complete picture of not just your contact center, but also to scale these solutions across your organization into areas that may have fewer data sources or older systems from which it is difficult to extract data. As many of our customers know, adding DPA to your solutions helps fill your data gaps and create a more holistic, real-time picture of what is happening in your business.

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