Analyze Deeper with Verint Voice of the Customer

Analyze deeper by infusing Voice of the Customer insights from across customer touchpoints and bringing together structured and unstructured data.

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Understand the Bigger Picture and Create a Holistic Customer Experience

  • Digital Behavior Analytics

    Optimize your CX based on real time customer behavior including mouse tracks, touch gestures, clicks and form interactions.

  • Text Analytics

    Capture actionable and diagnostic digital experience data to drive improvements across your omnichannel engagement.

  • Speech Analytics

    Fully understand and diagnose the key issues affecting contact center performance—right down to the individual agent level.

Verint Recognized as VoC Leader

The need to listen to, understand and engage with customer feedback is greater than ever. With numerous solutions on the market, it’s important to understand what makes a Leader.

That’s why the IDC MarketScape evaluated vendors in their IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Voice of the Customer Applications 2023-2024 Assessment.

Verint is proud to be recognized as a Leader by the IDC MarketScape, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and world class VoC.

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Analyze User Behavior Across All Digital Channels

Understand exactly how customers interact with your web and mobile presence. Your teams can leverage heatmaps and form analysis, filter data based on page names, segments, visible text, or gestures, and use click maps to analyze navigation patterns or usability problems. With scroll maps, you can analyze exactly what the visitor is seeing as they interact with your website or mobile application.

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Use advanced analytics to put customer feedback into context, connecting replays to important KPIs such as conversion and traffic, and drill down to focus on user interactions that lead to drops in NPS or CSAT scores.

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Insights from Verint Digital Behavior Analytics allow you to better understand customer issues and directly influence website and mobile experiences. Your digital teams can be confident that their product roadmaps and prioritization align to broader organizational goals around conversion rates or digital customer satisfaction rates. Learn more about Digital Behavior Analytics

Learn more about Digital Behavior Analytics

Detect struggles across your website in real-time and act in the moment to address anomalies and repair the customer experience. Operations and technology can interact with a struggling user in real-time and take action. An intelligent virtual assistant or Digital Feedback session can be triggered automatically when users experience error messages, a lengthy time on page, or any other predefined issue.

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Analyze Text-Based Data at Scale

Automated theme discovery can identify new discussion topics. Identify, track, and explain both positive and negative customer sentiment about text-based interactions so you can take appropriate actions quickly.

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Use Verint Text Analytics to analyze your large volumes of text-based data from channels such as chat, email, and social media. Gain crucial insights into the topics that are top-of-mind for your customers.

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Use pre-defined language templates with industry-specific terms or use your own specific business knowledge and subject matter expertise to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

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Combine insights from text and voice-based channels for a unified view of interactions across your contact center. A powerful set of dashboards, actions, and alerts combine sentiment, categories, and other insights across voice and text channels, giving you immediate insights and closed-loop actions and workflows to improve your customer experience.

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Accurately Process Customer Voice Interactions

Verint Speech Analytics can provide unrivaled transcription and comprehension accuracy at your fingertips. Harnessing the power Verint Da Vinci AI, you can accurately process voice with complete speaker separated transcription for 100% of customer interactions.

Comprehensive analysis includes:

  • AI-driven conversational themes
  • Push-button root cause analysis
  • Emerging trends on categories and unlimited terms
  • Sentiment analysis and core on every interaction
  • Visual map of every call
  • Automated KPI calculations and more
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Make Six-Figure Savings with Speech Analytics

Discover how New York Life reduced call volume by 400,000 calls a year, realized savings of 40% across quality assurance (QA) teams, and improved sales effectiveness to the tune of six figures.

Tangible ROI from Proven Benefits

Implementing Verint Voice of the Customer results in quick time to value and real results that drive sales and customer loyalty. Companies see benefits such as an increase in digital channel containment, decreased online order abandonment, and increased in-store sales. It can also help companies increase NPS, CSAT and revenue through marketing improvements. Companies can seamlessly integrate data across channels and use linked metrics to predict customer actions.

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Listen, analyze and act with Verint Voice of the Customer

  • Verint Voice of the Customer

    Listen everywhere, analyze deeper, and act immediately with Verint Voice of the Customer (VoC) Solutions – to increase customer loyalty and business performance.
  • Listen Everywhere

    Move beyond traditional survey management by listening to every customer touch point on every channel to create a powerful omnichannel customer feedback program.
  • Take Action

    Initiate CX actions within your backend operations and internal systems through seamless integrations with marketing automation platforms, point-of-sale systems, and CRMs.
  • Voice of the Customer for Location

    Understand complex customer journeys, measure multiple touchpoints, and drive improvements in real-time. Increase loyalty, conversions, CSAT and revenue.
  • Web & Mobile

    Quickly identify and act on customer feedback and issues across your digital channels. Improve conversions and deliver exceptional CX.

Voice of the Customer Insights