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Store and bank locations are more important than ever in growing revenue and creating a holistic end-to-end CX strategy. Understand complex customer journeys, measure multiple touchpoints, and drive improvements in real-time. Increase loyalty, conversions, CSAT and revenue.

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The Total Economic Impact of Verint Experience Management

This new independent study from Forrester Research found that in a three-year timeframe, a composite organization realizes a 219% return on investment with a quick time to value.

Access the full report to see more findings and figures around the financial impact of these Verint solutions.

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Top 5 Location CX Challenges

Is your in-location CX program effective?

Your retail, marketing, digital, and operations teams need to effectively collaborate to reinvent the in-location experience as part of the overall omnichannel strategy. However, due to the lack of shared data and metrics, it becomes difficult for to drill-down on customer issues to identify and prioritize improvements – whether it’s around merchandising, pricing, service, or in-store environment.

Now more than ever, your company’s brand promise is delivered to customers through in-store interactions and how it melds with your digital experiences. By implementing a CX program to integrate online and in-location assets, you can remove friction from the buying process and gain more repeat sales and recommendations.

Webinar: How to Successfully Connect Digital and In-store Experiences
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What is Verint Experience Management for Location?

Verint Experience Management for Location allows companies to collect, integrate, analyze, and action experience data in-store or in-branch. By incorporating voice of the customer data across all channels, companies can leverage a holistic view of their customer and move from insights to action quickly so stakeholders across the organization can work to reinvent the in-store experience as part of the omnichannel strategy.

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Tangible ROI from Proven Benefits

Implementing Verint Experience Management for Location results in quick time to value and real results that drive sales and customer loyalty. Companies that use Verint Experience Management for Location see:

  • Increase in loyalty metrics and customer satisfaction scores
  • Increase in revenue through marketing improvements
  • Increase in NPS scores
  • Increase in online orders, in-store pick up
  • Increase in same store sales year over year
Download: The Total Economic Impact of Verint Experience Management
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Turbocharge the Performance of your Digital, Marketing, and eCommerce Teams

Teams across the organization that touch the store experience, can use Verint Experience Management solutions for a variety of use cases. For example, they can:

  • Take advantage of predictive modeling and analytics to support strategy decisions that improve the store or branch experience.
  • Isolate customer interaction points and provide data that can be used for improving the product mix and brick-and-mortar experience.
  • Wire real-time feedback for immediate action and enable self-service and assisted service capabilities for more complex, omnichannel customer journeys.
Webinar: Achieve Integrated CX from Digital and In-Location Feedback with Experience Management

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  • Predictive Modeling

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