Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition

With a decades of experience helping federal agencies and departments measure and manage citizen experience, Verint’s FedRAMP Moderate JAB authorization makes it easier than ever to work with us.

See how the Biden administration’s focus on improving digital experiences is working – citizens are happier with federal services than key private industries.

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How technology can help drive efficiency and CX in the Public Sector?


Achieving effortless efficiency is a constant challenge for public sector organizations. Join the three-part webinar series sponsored by TTEC Digital and learn more about:
  • Key considerations for public sector agencies seeking FedRAMP certification.
  • How AI and CX Automation can help you better serve your community without increasing resources.
  • How you can best use the data you already have.
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Verint Experience Management is FedRAMP authorized , DISA IL4 compliant, and StateRAMP authorized

Verint’s FedRAMP certification comes on the heels of 20+ years helping hundreds of agencies and departments measure and improve citizen satisfaction.

Verint is offering its Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition solutions through the TTEC Humanify Enterprise Government portal with a FedRAMP Moderate authorization. Verint accelerated its time to market for FedRAMP authorization by hosting our XM solutions in our partner TTEC’s existing Humanify Enterprise – Government infrastructure. TTEC provides FedRAMP Moderate authorized hosting infrastructure, FedRAMP security controls and annual audits with a 3PAO.

Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition helps leading organizations across the public and private sectors generate insights everywhere by actively managing and analyzing all streams of customer experience data, including:

  • Predictive experience models that can be deployed at every citizen interaction point
  • Customer feedback data via email, SMS, post-call IVR surveys, websites, and mobile devices
  • Operational data from contact center, digital, and location-based interactions
  • Inferred behaviors, sentiment, and emotion
  • Employee feedback sources
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What is FedRAMP?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a U.S. government program that utilizes a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

FedRAMP authorization certifies that an organization and its products have:

  • Implemented all applicable federal information security controls.
  • Completed an audit by an authorized Third-Party Audit Organization (3PAO) and ongoing audits to ensure compliance.
  • Obtained approval by the federal Joint Authorization Board (JAB) that its solutions meet appropriate federal standards

What are the benefits of FedRAMP authorization?

A FedRAMP authorized product helps you modernize IT and saves time, money, and resources by streamlining and speeding the security assessment process and eliminating redundant steps. It also strengthens the public-private partnership to promote innovation and the advancement of more secure information technologies.

Delivering Great Experiences for Citizens

Hear key findings from Verint’s latest research on whether the government is effectively meeting citizens’ expectations for digital and in-person experiences.

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Deliver great citizen experiences with Verint Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition

Delivering great experiences to citizens gets more important every year — and more challenging to achieve.

Channel expansion and journey complexity are colliding with higher citizen expectations, putting agencies in a difficult spot.

Verint allows you to extract insight from massive data sets to create differentiated experiences and strengthen engagements while working with limited resources and strict security requirements.

With Verint Experience Management – FedRAMP Edition, you can:

  • Build enduring citizen relationships that boost loyalty and trust.
  • Take a holistic approach to experience by integrating data across digital, physical, and contact center touchpoints.
  • Go beyond surveys to gain insights from all experiences and inputs — unstructured text and speech, transcripts and behavioral data.
  • Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to coordinate smarter, faster decisions across the organization.

DISA Impact Level 4 Authorization

In addition to FedRAMP Moderate authorization, the Verint XM solutions are certified to be compliant with DISA Impact Level 4 (IL4) controls. IL4 controls augment FedRAMP Moderate controls and enable Verint XM solutions to be used in DoD implementations.

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StateRAMP Authorization

Through our relationship with TTEC, Verint XM solutions are also StateRAMP authorized, enabling states to take advantage of a common method for verification of cloud security.

StateRAMP is built on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication 800-53 Rev. 4 framework, modeled in part after FedRAMP, and based on a “complete once, use many” concept that saves time and reduces costs for both service providers and governments. Like FedRAMP, StateRAMP relies on FedRAMP Authorized 3PAOs to conduct assessments.

With StateRAMP, Procurement Officials, Privacy Officers, and Information Security Officers can be confident that government-selected third-party providers using or offering SaaS solutions that processes, stores, and/or transmit government data including PII, PHI, and/or PCI, meet and maintain the government’s published cybersecurity policies.

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