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Turn customer experiences into actionable data

Sometimes customer feedback isn’t enough. Gleaning insights from cryptic comments can be hard – and taking action can be even harder.

With Verint Digital Behavior Analytics, seeing is believing. Digital Behavior Analytics natively integrates customer feedback and replays for instant clarity and a holistic picture of the customer experience.

Connecting replays to important KPIs allows you to analyze actual customer experiences to quickly uncover pain points that negatively impact digital experiences and conversion.

Plus, Digital Behavior Analytics provides customer experience visualizations to help you replicate obstacles and accelerate internal acceptance so you can find and fix CX issues quickly – even before they become a problem.

Increase conversions, improve experiences, and build loyalty

Now you can expand replay beyond surveys. Digital Behavior Analytics helps you capture millions of clicks, gestures, and taps across your digital assets – independent of surveys – to visualize the holistic customer experience and size potential ROI for improvements.

Extensive visual and quantitative analytics tools allow you to identify anomalies and problem areas, explain where users struggle, analyze problems or hesitation, and uncover barriers to successful conversion.

Scroll and click maps analyze what customers see and how they navigate, taking the guesswork out of optimizing your web design. Conversion maps and form analysis explain where customers struggle or abandon so you can uncover opportunities to improve the experience and increase conversion and loyalty.

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