The 2023 CX Leader Handbook

How to Overcome Four Core Challenges

Customer experience (CX) is no longer a “nice to have.” Companies that fail to invest in better experiences will begin or continue to lag behind their competitors.

CX leaders are uniquely positioned to have an impact on the customer journey and overall customer experience. Whether they are a C-suite executive, a marketing leader, part of an IT team or someone else entirely, a CX leader’s decision of where to invest for better customer experience can have an enormous impact on the business’ success.

In looking at the customer experience landscape in 2023, Verint has identified four core challenges organizations and CX leaders face:

  • Disconnected data
  • A lack of context
  • Unactionable data
  • Misalignment across CX teams

To address this, we created The 2023 CX Leader Handbook: How to Overcome Four Core Challenges, as a guide to help CX leaders being asked to do more with less budget and to maximize their impact on their organizations.

Inside you’ll learn ways to tackle each of the core challenges and guidance on how to build a omnichannel organization primed for success in the modern marketplace. Learn how to get better insights, deliver better experiences and maximize the impact of the CX organization. Become more than a leader.

Download the eBook today to learn how you can become a CX hero by tackling each of these challenges head on.

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