CRM Solutions for 311 Contact Centers

Elevate your citizen engagement with our solutions. Provide your citizens with efficient, intuitive services. Leverage digital, self-service, and traditional service channels to deliver services beyond expectations. Boost efficiency and reduce costs through integrated services.  Drive increased employee engagement and performance.

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Citizen Engagement Elevated

Our CRM software cloud solution is designed to solve the challenges of 311 response centers.

Meet your 311/CRM solution

Verint for Citizen Engagement is a flexible, scalable, and customizable solution built for meeting the unique needs of the community you serve.

Powered by AI-driven technology, the solution can help you to:

  • Turn a downpour of citizen requests into streamlined, trackable, actionable service requests.
  • Automate your processes and reduce manual request management.
  • Monitor key performance indicators such as average handle time (AHT), first-time resolution (FTR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Drive citizen satisfaction by collecting customer feedback, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing staff training.

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Key features of Verint for Citizen Engagement

Automate high volume, routine requests

Enable your citizens to transact online without human intervention, through a secure, mobile-responsive customer portal. Guide your citizens through service request processes and provide them with automatic progress updates.


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Integrate without middleware

Reduce total cost of ownership (TOC) by integrating without the use of middle-ware and eliminating the need for re-keying requests made in your contact center manually. The solution’s integration capability also enables integration with third-party reporting tools – such as Microsoft Power BI -, enterprise systems such as – CcaaS, GIS, IDP, and Microsoft Office -, and third-party systems.

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Enable your citizens and employees to find what they need

The solution’s knowledge management capability supports completing both self and assisted queries. Equipped with the capability to display suggested information proactively, to find information on your organization’s website and a solution-managed knowledge base, and to enable users to find information “in their own words”, the solution can improve channel shift and average handle time.

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Configure processes rapidly, independently from your supplier

The solution enables both business and technical users to configure new citizen applications, service requests and other customer service processes quickly and easily. Technical users can also configure integrations between the Verint for Citizen Engagement solution and other, third-party systems. Business users can configure knowledge articles, and customize the customer portal’s functionalities and look and feel.

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Featured products

  • Verint for Citizen Engagement

    Leverage digital, self-service, and traditional service channels to deliver services beyond expectations while boosting efficiency and reducing costs through integrated services.
  • Case Management

    Simplify and automate the execution of simple and complex business processes to support unpredictable demand from your customers and your organization.
  • Knowledge Management

    Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, to enable self-service, improve the consistency and quality of answers, and achieve compliance with regulations and company processes.
  • Workforce Engagement

    Manage, analyze, and improve customer engagements with the power of AI and automation.
  • Real-Time Agent Assist

    Help your agents in the moment with an innovative solution that can automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for your customers and organization.

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