Digital Co-Workers for the Public Good

Date: Thu, October 5 | Start: 11:00 am, ET

How Bots Can Help Elevate Citizen Services for Maximum Impact

Achieving effortless efficiency is a constant challenge for public sector organizations. Besides digitalization and automation technology, bots are here to help you achieve more with less.

Join us on Thursday, October 5 at 11:00 am, ET to hear our experts discuss:
  • Multifaceted ways in which bots can be harnessed to streamline administrative processes and optimize resource allocation.
  • The role of human-bot collaboration in driving elevated citizen experiences.
  • Best practices, potential implementation strategies, and the transformational impact of augmenting your human workforce with digital co-workers to help them achieve more with less effort.
Register now to join the webinar and discover how you can augment your agents with a team of bots that do the heavy lifting for you while humans can stay human.



Micah Gaudet

Micah Gaudet
Local Government Expert on Leveraging ChatGPT & Gen AI, City of Maricopa


david moody headshot

David Moody
VP & GM Citizen Engagement and CM Professional, Verint


Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery
VP, Strategic Development, Verint

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