Enfield Council Elevates Digital-First Citizen Engagement with Verint

Enfield Council uses Verint for Citizen Engagement to enable 2,000+ services with 300 forms and 20 integrations.

About Enfield London Borough Council

Enfield London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Enfield, one of 32 London borough councils in North London, England. Enfield administers social care, education, highways, and other public services on behalf of local citizens and businesses.

Enfield has undergone an extensive transformation, introducing an innovative “digital by desire” strategy to reimagine the way public services are managed, presented, and used by local citizens and businesses. Enfield’s service center offers 2,000+ services and processes, 10 to 20 times as many as the average commercial organization. With so many services to offer, citizens could easily become confused. Unable to find what they need online, they would typically call the contact center, when the answer could be to find a simple form to complete.

In response, Enfield launched a digital transformation project, with objectives to:

  • Deploy open, digital services that are easy to implement, simple to use, and help reduce complexity.
  • Connect and share data with other systems used to deliver customer-facing services.
  • Help employees easily find data or information.
  • Adopt an inclusive approach, supporting the most vulnerable people within the borough.

The specific deployment challenges were:

  • Deliver agile, seamless, unified case management through the enfield.gov.uk website, including integration with Squiz’s Content Management System (CMS), Matrix.
  • Provide omnichannel support at the initial point of contact.
  • Deliver 2,000+ services using 300 forms and 20 integrations.
  • Complete 150 different – sometimes complex – customer journeys.
  • Implement a digital engagement platform with most of the project remotely managed during the pandemic.

Solution: Verint for Citizen Engagement

Enfield is bringing expert, visionary customer, digital, and commercial acumen to a local authority strategy. By tackling complex integration challenges and continuous innovation, the “digital by desire” deployment is unifying agile Council services delivery.

As a result, citizens can now engage online with a vast range of services spanning children and family services, housing, parking, education, environment, leisure and culture, community safety, and more.


Enfield Council range of services

Enfield Council's dashboard for reporting Nuisances.


In a first for any UK local authority, using the Enfield Connected portal, citizens can opt for basic access to digital Council services, such as to report a missed bin, pay Council Tax, and apply for housing benefits and check payments.


Enfield Connected portal.


Alternatively, citizens can also register for an upgraded account that makes it easier to request services online, saves time by pre-filling forms, and provides a record of residents’ reports, requests, and interactions with the Council. For example, residents can see their full Council Tax statement and access their assessment.


Upgrading Enfield Council account.


Council Tax example.


Enfield believes that if services are easy to find and use, more citizens will self-serve. The online experience is therefore available 24×7, easy to navigate, and mobile and device-agnostic. Leveraging Verint for Citizen Engagement, the council has been able to:

  • Automate the end-to-end fulfilment of service requests. Citizens can track the progress of their cases online, which significantly reduces the volume of follow-up calls.
  • Integrate forms and process management functionality, which simplifies the design of new citizen service processes and data collection forms. Once a new service is deployed, it is accessible across different channels.
  • Enhance the customer experience (CX). During development, Verint and Enfield collaborated with over 300 stakeholders and studied multiple personas to create the most appropriate CX, specifically designed for the needs of Enfield citizens. For example, studies revealed that 85 percent of people wanted mobile transactions.
  • Address diversity. Enfield Connected, the Council’s self-service portal, is easy for all citizens to access, navigate, and understand.

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Benefits: The Art of the Proven

Verint for Citizen Engagement has enabled Enfield Council to reimagine local authority services delivery, with innovations abound. The Council can now:

  • Connect departmental silos of data and processes to improve access to public services, making the delivery of those services more fulfilling, and helping the public sector make optimal use of limited resources.
  • Manage vast variety of complex, previously disconnected services, uniting 20+ integrations.
  • Provide citizens with the same experience across the web and forms as a result of a seamless Squiz CMS web integration.
  • Reduce overhead and improve CX by consolidating multiple payment engines into one platform.


  • Increased web users by 60% in 6 months.
  • Reduced bounce rate by 47%.
  • More than doubled the volume of services/payments delivered through the website, from 70,000 to 150,000 in 6 months. This reduced physical contact center inquiries and enhanced customer experience.
  • Lowered page load time by 54%.
  • Reduced pages per session by 32%.
  • Increased Sitemorse Index* from 6/10 to 8/10.

* The Index is the independent benchmark that ranks public and private sector websites. Digital capability is assessed across user experience, SEO and governance, risk, and compliance.


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