Verint for Citizen Engagement

Elevate your citizen engagement by transforming your service delivery with our cloud solutions. Leverage digital, self-service, and traditional service channels to deliver services beyond expectations. Boost efficiency and reduce costs through integrated services. Improve agent performance and employee satisfaction.

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How technology can help drive efficiency and CX in the Public Sector?


Achieving effortless efficiency is a constant challenge for public sector organizations. Join the three-part webinar series sponsored by TTEC Digital and learn more about:
  • Key considerations for public sector agencies seeking FedRAMP certification.
  • How AI and CX Automation can help you better serve your community without increasing resources.
  • How you can best use the data you already have.
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Our Customers

City, borough, municipality, central and federal authorities.
Verint helps deliver boundless citizen experiences across all tiers of government around the world.

The citizen takes center stage

Across the world, there is an increasing focus on improving citizen engagement and user experiences with public services. As citizen expectations are increasingly influenced by commercial entities, digital transformation has become a cornerstone of constituent engagement strategies.

Elevate your public services to the next level by delivering digital services designed from the citizen’s perspective.

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What is Verint for Citizen Engagement?

Verint for Citizen Engagement is a cloud-based platform designed to enable your digital-first customer service strategies. Based on Verint’s Case Management, Knowledge Management, and Messaging Cloud products the solution:

  • Automates citizen interactions across both assisted and self-service channels.
  • Enables engagement across hundreds of services.
  • Maximizes the opportunity for self-service.

The solution’s low-code/no-code environment empowers you to onboard new services and modify existing ones quickly and easily.

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The Challenges We Solve

  • Reduce costly, human-assisted interactions
    Automate high-volume requests and drive customer behavior to increase channel-shift.

    Minimize or eliminate follow-up calls
    Provide your citizens with automated progress updates of their requests.

    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Integrate your digital forms into your existing workflows. Avoid re-keying requests made by citizens on your self-service portal or contact center into your back-office fulfillment systems.

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With the help of Verint for Citizen Engagement

  • 54%

    online growth

    Brisbane City Council have achieved 54% growth in their online services.

  • 400%

    increased speed of delivery.

    Hertfordshire County Council have increased their speed of service delivery by 400%.

  • 85%

    customer satisfaction

    City of Edinburgh Council have increased their customer satisfaction from 70% to 85%.

Discover our products for elevated citizen engagement

  • Case Management

    Optimize your complex customer service processes for lower costs and improved CX.
  • Knowledge Management

    Deliver the right knowledge, at the right time, to enable self-service, improve the consistency and quality of answers, and achieve compliance with regulations and company processes.
  • Workforce Optimization

    Make better decisions, increase productivity and improve customer experience via recording, coaching and performance solutions. Empower your workforce to deliver an exceptional customer experience while also reducing costs.
  • Real-time Agent Assist

    Listen to customer calls as they happen and automatically identify opportunities to guide interactions toward better outcomes for your customers and organization.

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