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Boundless Constituent Engagement

State and local governments deliver hundreds or thousands of services to constituents. But they all have a common goal: to provide the best possible service to their communities, delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.
Governments can’t achieve this goal with multiple point-based solutions. They need a new approach that connects departmental silos of data and processes to improve access to public services, make the job of delivering those services more fulfilling, and help the public sector make optimal use of limited resources.

On September 26, join us for a deep dive into how an integrated approach to service delivery can transform the constituent experience.

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Adapt and deliver new services using investments you have today

Verint is here to help address the challenges confronting state and local government organizations, as well as other public sector and non-profit bodies as they strive to deliver essential services, help manage this crisis and protect the public.

Watch our on-demand webinar, Managing Citizen Engagement and Service Delivery Through and Beyond Uncertain Times to discover ideas and look at how public services and non-profit organizations around the world are using the technology at their disposal to respond to the demands being placed on them.


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A solution is available to help manage vulnerable ‘shielded’ citizens and community volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch our free, demonstration webinar to see how it works.

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Citizen-Centric Service

Let’s face it: Governments must offer their citizens many different and complex services, and it’s hard to deliver them efficiently.

More and more, government citizen service centers are relying on digital channels to help make a huge number of services as accessible and efficient as possible.

While digital channels are important to your citizen engagement strategy – and you may even be taking a digital first approach to service delivery – it is also possible that they are not fully delivering the benefits you expected. Perhaps that’s because these services have not been designed from the citizen’s perspective.

Verint can help you simplify, modernize and automate your services.

3 Steps to Transforming Citizen Engagement

Engagement in the always-on era: How humans and technology work hand-in-hand to meet rising expectations

  • 78%

    would welcome technology at work that helps give them the right information at the right time.

  • 34%

    prefer to use online self-service, making it the most popular way to engage.

  • 60%

    of customers expect to be able to engage on any channel at any time.

How can we simplify citizen services?

Government digital services need solutions that are open, easy to deploy, simple to use, and help reduce complexity. They also need solutions that connect and share data with other systems used to deliver customer-facing services.

Your government service center probably offers ten or twenty times as many services and processes as the average commercial organization.

With so many services to provide, it’s little wonder that many customers get confused, can’t find what they want, or use the wrong service when they try to access them online. Many will give up trying and call your contact center, creating additional work for what is essentially a straightforward request.

Even your own employees can be frustrated when tracking down a service, form or process that they know is there – but don’t seem able to pin down.

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Game-changer: Simple, fast, and reliable search

Verint’s Customer Portal and Knowledge Management capabilities can do just that, making it simple to tailor the user experience – for citizens and employees alike.

We can make finding and accessing services as intuitive to use as popular commercial services, adapting to how citizens think of your services and accessible on their devices of choice.

It’s straightforward to automate the end-to-end fulfillment of service requests. Citizens can track the progress of their cases online to help reduce the volume of follow-up calls.

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Can we modernize citizen services?

Make your services work the way you know they can. If services are easy to find and easy to use, more citizens will self-serve.

This gives your employees the space to deal with cases that require their special knowledge and expertise.

So, why not provide a truly modern portal that doesn’t rely on long menus of service choices – but can instead offer up exactly what the citizen requires based on a simple search term?

And why not encourage greater engagement by supporting the messaging platforms that citizens are already using?

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Of course, some citizens will always need assistance

But what if your service processes can be delivered across channels – mobile web, desktop browser, employee desktop? What if your staff can start new cases, or pick up existing ones, when the citizen has already done some of the work but needs help to finish it?

Verint’s customer portal capabilities feature integrated forms and process management functionality to help make it easy to design new citizen service processes and data collection forms. Once these are deployed, they are accessible across many different channels.

Citizens and employees can see different presentations and options, but the process remains the same – whether the citizen is self-serving online or being assisted by a contact center representative.

Trust Verint to help modernize your services for the future

Want a smooth transition to the cloud? Automated upgrades, security testing, resilience and backup and restore are all part of the Verint Cloud.

Need to integrate citizen services to back-office fulfillment systems? Our open platform approach makes it easy.

Want intelligence and insight to support strategic decision making? A pre-built data model and reports for Microsoft Power BI ® can put analytics in your hands, helping you drive continuous improvement and service quality.

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How do we automate processes?

Get serious about automation.

If you can optimize your citizen service processes – for online access and efficient processing – you can also think about automating some of them completely.

Verint’s automation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities can help you reduce the cost and errors associated with manual work — as well as enhance customer experiences to be faster, personalized, and more enjoyable.

If processes can be fully automated, it will eliminate the need for unnecessary manual steps. Reducing workload and processing time.

How does that work?

Verint provides capabilities that can give you a simple, intuitive way to build automated rules and workflows — and eliminate manual tasks through integration to external back-office systems

Service requests – initiated by the citizen or an employee – can be automated through to fulfillment and completion without the need for any additional intermediate processing.

Re-processing and re-keying in the “middle office” can become a thing of the past. Workloads are reduced and processing time streamlined. And your citizens and employees can benefit from faster, more helpful and cost-effective interactions – delivering the benefits you are looking for.

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