Retailer for U.S. Military Personnel Improves Member Experience with a Focus on Quality, Efficiency, and CX Insights

Verint Open Platform and best-of-breed engagement solutions enable the retailer serving military communities worldwide to improve quality and operational efficiency, in turn helping it deliver world-class service to members.

The results

  • 30%

    Reduced hold time by 30%.

  • 98%

    Increased call monitoring from a 1% to a 98% sampling rate.

  • Improved

    Response times, first contact resolution, call avoidance, and agent training.

About the retailer

A source for quality, tax-free merchandise and goods and services for military communities and personnel, this global retailer has a presence at military installations around the world. It also offers around-the-clock shopping for valued goods at exclusive military pricing through an ecommerce channel.

The retailer has an eligible member base of more than 30 million shoppers, from active-duty and retired military and their family members to reservists, Department of Defense civilian employees, and more. In addition, it offers a line of credit designed to assist members with their financial needs, as well as pre-paid cards for military members overseas.

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Serving its large member base are agents located in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico, and Europe. The customer service agents handle 1.5 to 1.8 million inbound calls annually, as well as interactions with members via chat.

Since 2017, when the organization made the switch from Calabrio to Verint, the retailer has been on a mission to level up performance for its members. Key to this has been its unwavering focus on improving interaction quality and operational efficiency.

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As a Senior Contact Center Manager at the organization explains, “With our members spread across the globe, we needed a comprehensive set of solutions that enabled us to provide high-quality service, whether by phone or chat, any time of day via agents in various locations. Verint gave us the tools required to provide the world-class service our members deserve.”

These tools, all part of Verint Open Platform, included Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics. With Verint Speech Analytics, the retailer transcribes 100 percent of recorded calls to automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, and themes to reveal trends and insights for both operational efficiency and customer experience (CX) improvements. At the same time, using Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, the organization leverages objective data and insights from the analysis of agent desktop activity to help drive further operational improvement.

On the heels of its success with Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, the retailer set out to drive even greater CX automation with the addition of Verint Performance and Compliance Scoring Bots (formerly known as Verint Automated Quality Management) and Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots (formerly known as Verint Real-Time Agent Assist). It did this without disruption to its enterprise ecosystem, with the best-of-breed Verint solutions seamlessly integrating with its existing Cisco telephony and other applications thanks to the openness and built-in adapters of Verint Open Platform.

With Verint Performance and Compliance Scoring Bots and Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots, the organization elevated vital CX automation and insights. Automatically evaluating and scoring calls, assigning agent coaching, and guiding agents to deliver better outcomes, the best-of-breed Verint solutions have become core to the retailer’s quality and efficiency improvement focus.


By adding Verint Performance and Compliance Scoring Bots and Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots to its existing Verint Open Platform solutions, the organization was able to reimagine its quality assurance program. Prior to adding these solutions, eight quality analysts manually listened to and scored approximately one percent of agent interactions. Today, the process is automated, with 98 percent of calls evaluated.

With greater insight into agent performance, the retailer has been able to better focus coaching on the agents who need it the most. Subsequently, it has been able to improve response times and first contact resolution. This, combined with greater insight into CX, has helped to elevate member experience.

Using Verint Desktop and Process Analytics, the organization added a trigger to alert agents when a customer is on hold. This, alone, reduced hold time by 30 percent.

With Verint Speech Analytics, the retailer better understands the root cause of issues. For example, the Verint Da Vinci AI-powered solution alerted contact center leaders of a large percentage of members calling to close their credit card accounts. This was quickly traced to a letter that included confusing terms and conditions related to member status.

Similarly, the Verint solution helped the organization uncover supply chain issues and manufacturing delays at the root of member concerns about not receiving their credit cards in the expected timeframe. By proactively getting in front of these issues, it was able to take the necessary actions for call avoidance, and ultimately retain members’ credit card business. Further, using Verint Real-Time Coaching Bots, it was able to make changes to effectively help guide agents to positive call outcomes in these interaction scenarios.

Beyond operational efficiency and member experience improvements, the best-of-breed Verint Open Platform solutions were essential in enabling the retailer to handle disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included effectively transitioning agents to work-from-home, as well as visibility into vastly fluctuating interaction volumes and new call drivers, to ensure members continued to receive world-class service.

Featured Verint solutions

  • Speech Analytics

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  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Help managers improve employee productivity, quality and compliance
  • Solutions for Automated Quality Management

    Verint offers a range of AI-powered, specialized quality bots that can help you improve service quality, customer experience, and agent performance while mitigating compliance risks.
  • Verint Real-Time Coaching

    Don’t wait until an interaction is over to coach your agents. Reduce average handle time, improve service quality, enhance customer experience, and achieve better compliance.

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