Revolutionizing CX: How Verint Unleashes the Power of AI

Josh Ballard July 27, 2023

In today’s digital era, businesses are harnessing the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) to redefine the customer experience. From intelligent virtual assistants providing instant customer support to personalized recommendations based on predictive analytics, AI is revolutionizing the way companies engage, understand, and delight their customers.

AI is already being utilized to help deliver CX, but how can brands ensure they’re getting the best possible return on investment? What is the best approach to maximize the potential for this game-changing technology?

In this post, we’ll explain the three core principles of Verint Da Vinci AI and provide some examples of how our customers are already leveraging AI to deliver exceptional CX.

Future-Proof CX with an Open AI Platform

With the pace of AI innovation continuing to accelerate, it’s imperative that organizations make future-proof CX investments. With Verint Da Vinci AI, we deliberately built an open framework so customers can utilize our own proprietary AI models along with the latest commercially available solutions.

For example, our customers are already leveraging Open AI’s Chat-GPT to automatically summarize phone calls, removing the time previously spent by agents creating summaries manually.

As exciting new frameworks are released, we can plug them into Da Vinci AI in days, not months, and make them available across all of your applications—because of the platform’s unique open architecture.

Train AI on Relevant Data

AI relies on vast amounts of relevant data to learn and produce accurate results. Without access to quality data, AI becomes ineffective, as it lacks the necessary information to make informed decisions. Relevant data is the fuel that powers the AI engine, unlocking its true potential.

Verint Da Vinci AI draws upon over two decades of customer engagement data. We use this huge data set to train our own AI models and even the commercially available models that we’ve integrated.

This provides a great foundational model, but we go one step further. We understand that every business is unique. So, the AI is also trained on each of our customer’s unique data sets to become a specialist, providing increasingly effective results across the customer experience.

Embed AI in Workflows

Adding AI to your suite of CX solutions shouldn’t mean ripping up what you already have. Our approach to implementing Da Vinci AI is that it’s delivered directly into the day-to-day workflows of your agents and enhances the way they work, making them faster and better at what they do.

Specially trained bots integrate seamlessly into the work environment through our applications without actually having to change anything about how agents are working—or requiring them to have any knowledge about AI.

Supercharging the Workforce with AI

A core differentiating feature of Verint Da Vinci AI is that it enriches your business processes so that it’s there when you need it most. We have a range of specialist bots that we can add to your workforce that will jump into action in the right place, at the right time.

The openness of the platform means that a business can start anywhere, deploying the bot that addresses the highest impact issues first, and then additional bots can be introduced over time. These bots are created to accelerate and automate existing workflows and seamlessly become part of the workforce, powering customer engagement and business processes.

Bots are embedded directly into best-of-breed applications to drive CX automation, helping to deliver incredible customer experiences at scale.

Here are just a few examples of the bots helping to supercharge the workforce.

Digital and Voice Containment Bot

The Digital and Voice Containment Bot provides quick, personalized answers to customers on their channel of choice. The purpose of the bot is to not only deliver exceptional self-service, but to reduce the number of interactions that have to get transferred to a human agent in the contact center.

To be effective, there are two critical capabilities this bot needs. First, they need to be able to understand a range of customer intents and provide accurate answers to a variety of queries. And, equally as important, it needs to be easy for the business user to train the bot.

Verint IVA includes pre-packaged, industry-specific natural language understanding (NLU) models. Backed by a world-class dataset and one of the industry’s most robust NLU libraries, these models detect highly accurate end-user intentions and extract entities to generate personalized responses that assist your customers immediately upon deployment.


But what happens if your customers ask something the bot doesn’t understand? In the Analytics Dashboard, you can drill down into individual interactions and spot conversational trends to see where the bot needs training. Simple drag-and-drop tools make it easy to build new conversational flows without the need for any coding.

What’s more, you can roll out new bot experiences across all of your channels – whether that’s via an IVR, WhatsApp or live chat. The bot is trained to understand the new customer intent.

Knowledge Creation Bot

Great knowledge management is foundational to the customer and agent experience. Getting the right answers in front of the right person at the right time is critical to delivering CX automation at scale.

But maintaining the knowledge base can be challenging. If you don’t properly maintain your knowledge base, it quickly goes stale – it no longer answers your customers’ questions. Figuring out what knowledge is needed and creating this content is a huge labor burden to your organization.

Our Knowledge Creation Bot is here to help solve two major challenges. Figuring out what content you actually need and then helping to draft new knowledge.

Let’s say an agent is searching for an answer to a customer query about getting a refund for a canceled flight. The agent can search in a knowledge base looking for information and click on an article that looks good. After reading through a lot of text, the agent finally finds the answer.

It is a good, accurate answer, but it wasn’t easy to find in the article and it took the agent a long time to resolve the customer’s issue. The agent provides feedback letting the knowledge team know that while they found some good content, it could be in a better format.

This immediately triggers a notification for the knowledge author to review the feedback and see exactly what the issue is. In a traditional workflow, this is where the author would have to manually start editing the article or writing a new article from scratch.

Instead, the author can simply highlight the text they want to summarize and click a button at the bottom of the page. The Knowledge Creation Bot then seamlessly summarizes the content, and the human knowledge author can make any edits required and submit the content for approval.

Data Insight Bot

The Data Insight Bot’s primary function is to discover and comprehend data from various applications across the Verint Open CCaaS platform. It has the ability to be extended and tuned to understand custom and domain-specific vocabulary, making it increasingly effective for your specific organization.

This bot provides actionable insights by understanding not just the “what,” but the “why,” and “how” of things happening across the range of interactions and data. All of this is achieved through natural language queries, incorporating generative AI technology.

With this, you don’t have to approach it like a data scientist, but rather ask questions in a conversational manner.


Unlike traditional methods where you have to wait for data retrieval and responses, the Data Insight Bot handles all the work for you. It simplifies workflows for humans and reduces the time it takes to derive value from data.

Users don’t require any specific training because the bot is already trained on their behalf. You simply ask your question and receive the results with a click. For instance, you could ask the bot to compare average handle times to the forecast, and it will immediately generate a graph and provide a description of the current situation.

You may wonder how it works when dealing with multiple applications. Well, we have that covered as well. Data can be blended from across the platform, thanks to the Engagement Data Hub, which brings all of your data together.

For example, the query “top demand drivers by channel” combines workforce management data with interaction analytics data. This integration allows for powerful insights across channels, applications, and the workforce, without the need to consider the source of the data. You can simply ask the question you need, and the bot will provide the relevant insights.

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These are just a few examples of how our bots are seamlessly integrated into our applications and easily incorporated into existing workflows. These bots are continually trained on data, enabling them to constantly improve and provide support to customers, agents, or other employees exactly when and where they need it.

By embracing an open approach to AI, we can collectively enhance CX automation across the enterprise. It’s the foundation that gives your agents and employees superhuman capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Learn more about Verint Da Vinci AI and the Verint Open CCaaS Platform.