Desktop Analytics: The Workhorse of Your Call Center Quality Program

Mary Lou JosephJanuary 3, 2023

Call center quality management programs have greatly evolved in recent years. We’ve gone from manually scoring samples of recorded voice calls, to using:

  • AI for automated call scoring
  • Speech Analytics for in-the-moment identification of quality and CX issues
  • Text Analytics to analyze non-voice channel interactions

But even with these advances, organizations can still struggle to identify interactions with quality issues, share examples of interactions with best practices, and understand the root cause of interaction problems.

That’s where desktop analytics comes in. Layer in what is happening on the agent desktop to create a clearer, more holistic picture of what is happening during interactions. In addition, with solutions such as Verint® Desktop and Process Analytics™ you can tag interactions, trigger actions based on desktop activity, and even provide in-the-moment guidance and coaching.

Let’s explore how desktop analytics magnifies the effectiveness of your quality management programs and is foundational to a Total Quality™ approach.

What Is Total Quality?

Verint Total Quality is a unique approach to improve employee and bot performance, compliance, and customer experience across all customer service channels. It goes beyond post-interaction analysis and drives automated, in-the-moment guidance so you can correct a service or quality issue in real time.

And what’s at the core of enabling real-time actions? Desktop analytics.

Add Desktop Analytics to Your Total Quality Mix

Verint Desktop and Process Analytics brings a vital piece of data into a Total Quality program. Capturing employee desktop activity data enables you to:

  • Tag recorded interactions with application metadata for easy search and retrieval for post-interaction analysis and audits
  • Trigger actions to support regulatory compliance such as PCI, GDPR and more.
  • Present targeted, real-time coaching and guidance based on pre-defined thresholds for key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Automatically score recorded interactions based on rules that involve desktop activity and attributes, such as:
    • Interaction type or classification
    • Interaction resolution classification
    • Completion of regulatory or essential procedural steps such as provision of disclaimers or contractual terms
  • Conduct end-to-end quality audits on individual work items or requests
  • Analyze desktop analytics to improve employee productivity.

Tag interactions for advanced insights

Verint Application Triggers™, part of the Desktop and Process Analytics solutions suite, can tag interactions and key processing points with descriptive data, such as work type, customer ID, work item identifier and more. This data can be used to:

  • Enhance your quality management program by enabling both random quality sampling, as well as targeted reviews and audits
  • Conduct queries based on customer or product type, interaction type, geography, etc., and analyze the data for better decision making
  • Enable smart searches for compliance audits

Trigger actions based on desktop activity

Many of our customers use the Application Triggers capabilities to help them with regulatory compliance. For example, meeting Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, or PCI for short, can be quite a challenge for many and exposes the organization to potential fines.  Transcription based, post-call redaction of card data that must not be stored can help address PCI requirements, but this approach can be expensive and leaves you at risk during the time lapse between the interaction and the redaction.

With Verint® Application Triggers™ you can program a trigger based on a desktop action, such as clicking on the credit card field in a form, that will pause and resume call or interaction capture while credit card information is being shared, meeting PCI requirements in real time.

Interactions can also be tagged for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to help ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

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Provide real-time guidance and coaching

In addition to government and regulatory compliance, you have your own internal processes and protocols you want your agents to follow. With Verint Application Triggers, events on the desktop can trigger an alert or reminder to the agent that a specific action is needed.  For example, based on pre-defined criteria, agents can receive an alert and additional guidance if:

  • A customer has been on hold too long
  • The agent is talking over the customer
  • A verification action needs to be taken
  • The interaction has reached a stage where procedural errors frequently occur

Application Triggers helps power Verint Real-Time Coaching™, a solution that provides in-the-moment, contextual guidance to help novice agents learn on the job and give veteran agents confidence in their job skills and knowledge.

Verint Real-time Coaching uses Verint’s AI-Powered Da Vinci transcription engine to spot negative sentiment or process issues and provide behavioral advice, contextual knowledge, and next best actions. The solution can also automatically assign coaching to agents based on missed performance KPIs.

Read about one use case for Real-Time Coaching – call state awareness: Improve Call Center Service Levels with Real-Time Coaching.

Insert desktop analytics into your automated quality scoring

Verint Automated Quality Management™ (AQM) is an objective and consistent way to measure interactions against your pre-defined rules.  It removes variations, bias and assumptions of individual QA specialists.

AQM ensures that every recorded interaction across communication channels is scored against the exact same standards.

Metadata captured by Verint Application Triggers supports AQM as it efficiently evaluates large numbers of interactions. Search and filtering capabilities can leverage crucial CTI and data field tags—such as high-profile accounts, high-value transactions, and claim numbers—to further help you find interactions of particular interest.

In addition, screen-based data like completion of essential compliance actions — such as providing data privacy and legal notices or disclaimers, confirming order details, etc. — can be incorporated into the quality evaluation and scoring of interactions.

With AQM you can quickly gain a new level of insight into your organization’s standards of service and compliance. This helps you identify employees that need coaching to improve and reveals any procedural steps that cause compliance and/or quality issues.

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Assess the quality of multi-touch processes

Traditional quality management solutions are designed to evaluate the performance of an individual on a single interaction. But what happens when a work item or service request moves across multiple people and departments?

A component of Verint Desktop and Process Analytics™, DPA Collections, can create a repository of actions taken on any work item. This collection of data points (voice, screen, desktop actions) can then be reviewed for quality and processing compliance. Managers can now review a piece of work from beginning to end, in a single screen.

Analyze desktop activity to improve employee productivity

The employee desktop is a treasure trove of insights into how employees are spending their time.  Verint Application Visualizer™, part of the Desktop and Process Analytics™ suite of solutions, captures time spent in applications and aggregates the data into actionable insights to help managers increase employee focus and productivity.  Managers can now:

  • Understand how agents are spending their time, even remote workers
  • Identify if an employee needs coaching
  • Share best practices of their top performers.

For example, a technical services outsourcer was using Verint Application Triggers for PCI compliance. They added Application Visualizer to help manage their 1,300 agents worldwide.  The outsourcer was able to:

  • Improve first contact resolution from 64% to 70%
  • Lower Average Handle Time (AHT) by 64 seconds
  • Decrease off-phone activity by 11%

Want to learn more?  Download the Executive Perspective: Enhance Coaching of Your Work-from-Anywhere Agents

A More Holistic, Total Quality Picture

Verint® Desktop and Process Analytics™ fulfils a crucial requirement in a Total Quality program by giving organizations insight into desktop activity to understand actions taken during customer interactions. The solution can help you:

  • Elevate quality across your organization
  • Improve regulatory compliance for GDPR, PCI-DSS, FDCPA, HIPAA, and more
  • Guide employees in the moment to achieve positive outcomes
  • Boost employee productivity and proficiency
  • Enhance the overall customer experience.

Learn more about a Total Quality approach. Download the eBook: Total Quality: Take a Holistic Approach to Quality and Compliance.