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Voice of the Customer Analytics

Improve the Customer Experience as You Optimize Your Business

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations is to balance critical and—at times—conflicting business objectives: maximizing customer satisfaction and increasing revenue, while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience. Verint’s Voice of the Customer Analytics solution provides the tools needed to transform these seemingly divergent goals into complementary ones.

Verint’s solution analyzes information from customer interactions regardless of the channel—calls from the call center, emails, chat, Tweets, surveys, etc. And because Voice of the Customer Analytics is on the same unified platform as Verint’s Workforce Optimization suite, insights can easily be driven to action without time-consuming or costly integrations that compromise your ability to quickly address issues as they arise.

The Voice of the Customer Analytics solution includes: To learn how other customers are improving the customer experience as they optimize their businesses, review our case studies or read our white papers.