Operations Productivity

Create a single source of operational truth to empower managers and improve performance

Increase employee efficiency and effectiveness by quantifying “time earned”, improving the cadence of work processed, and ensuring there are enough back-office resources to execute the work

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  • 20%

    Increase in employee effectiveness

  • 29%

    Available capacity identified

  • from 75% to 105%

    Increased employee effectiveness from 75% to 105%
    (Nationale Nederlanden)


Verint partners with iconic brands to balance back-office costs while improving service and close the Engagement Capacity Gap

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Create a Comprehensive Operational Dashboard

Eliminate inefficiencies created by organizational and data silos by creating a single source of truth for operational data.

Building on the employee activity data captured by Verint Operations Visualizer, Verint Operations Productivity connects the work, processes and people, regardless of source system or location, into a single operational dashboard. This “mission control” helps back-office managers cost effectively meet their service goals.

Hear how Capita’s “mission control” helped them improve turnaround times by 70%.

Understand Workload and Skill Requirements

To meet their service goals, managers of back-office operations not only need to understand the workload (work types, volumes, handle times and service goals), but also the availability and skill levels of their resources.

Verint Operations Productivity captures all these data points and helps managers juggle new volumes and existing backlog as well as peaks and valleys in demand to ensure SLAs are being met.

Increase Back-Office Employee Effectiveness

Operations Visualizer helps increase time spent in production. But while in production, how effective are your employees? Are they processing work at the right velocity to meet production goals?

Operations Productivity automatically calculates an employee’s effectiveness by comparing the number of items processed, their handle times, and the hours spent in production. Back-office managers can quickly identify who needs coaching to improve their skills and score.

Learn the difference between employee productivity, effectiveness, and performance.

Hear how Nationale Nederlanden increased employee effectiveness from 75% to 105%.

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Create Accurate Capacity Plans

Prevent over or understaffing with more accurate capacity plans. Operations Productivity captures all work volumes, handle times and service goals, regardless of source system – even manual work items, to create a comprehensive demand forecast.

The solution then calculates the number and skill sets of resources you’ll need to execute the work. Accurate capacity plans can help you maximize resource utilization and meet your service goals at the right cost.

Learn how a leading insurance company increased operational productivity by 23%
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Expand Your Capabilities

Operations Visualizer gave you real-time visibility. Operations Productivity helped you improve the productivity and effectiveness of your employees.

The next step in your back-office evolution is to:

  • Automate the allocation of work to increase resource utilization
  • Improve the quality and consistency of the work
  • Remove any processing bottlenecks that prevent you from hitting your SLAs/service goals.

Learn how Verint Operations Manager solution can help you level up to best-in-class operations.

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