Finding Success with a Comprehensive Back-Office Workforce Engagement Solution

NHS Business Services Authority Pensions (NHSBSA) office


NHS Business Services Authority Pensions (NHSBSA) is responsible for administering the National Health Service (NHS) pension scheme in England and Wales. It is the largest centrally administered public sector pension scheme in Europe, having 1.5 million actively contributing members paying pension benefits to more than 870,000 pensioners.

The NHSBSA needed to meet anticipated increases in demand for pension services while, simultaneously, delivering an improved value for money service, including a next-day processing target. Siloed working structures resulted in inefficient and fragmented work management.

“Our goal is to provide every contributing member and pensioner with an engaging and responsive service,” explains Theresa Britton, head of service – pensions, NHSBSA. “Owing to increasing member numbers and pressure to maximize efficiency, NHSBSA required a centralized solution that would provide the organization with clear visibility of work and resource position, irrespective of source and location.”

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Working in partnership with Verint, NHSBSA deployed Verint Work Manager as a managed cloud service, which delivered secure access with minimal internal IT support. The solution provides managers with real-time access to fact-based management information. It also enables them to develop the skills to execute on future business plans.

With Verint Work Manager, NHSBSA is able to:

  • Capture, allocate, track, and manage all work, as well as provide comprehensive real-time management in an operational dashboard
  • Simulate and model future volumes, adherence to service level agreements, and resource capacity
  • Incorporate third-party system data
  • Deliver management information to nominated mobile devices
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The result is a single, comprehensive back-office workforce management solution, which creates a centralized view of all work and resources, irrespective of source. It also supports the creation of a centralized workflow management team responsible for day-to-day work and resource planning, as well as longer-term forecasting.

An essential aspect in delivering the “complete solution” was the Verint Principles of Operational Management program. This blend of classroom, group, and one-to-one mentoring ensures that NHSBSA managers are equipped with improved management information, and the necessary operational management best practices to make informed decisions and deliver sustainable improvements.

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