Nationale-Nederlanden Meets Customer Demand with the Highest Degree of Service

Nationale-Nederlanden is the largest insurer in the Netherlands, with over six million private and business customers.

The results

  • Gained visibility and control into the back-office workload

  • Increased effectiveness from 75% – 105%

  • Raised efficiency from 50% to 70%

About Nationale-Nederlanden

Nationale-Nederlanden is the largest insurer in the Netherlands, with over six million private and business customers. In 2019, the corporate claims business unit initiated a change program within its back-office function. The business unit was facing a variety of challenges, including:

  • High workloads and difficulty predicting future workload.
  • Relatively small teams with significant specialist knowledge. Despite the positive aspects of having this wealth of knowledge, this also made the department’s teams vulnerable at very busy times.
  • A lack of insight into the required and available competencies across teams to handle the required workload.
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A vulnerable and inflexible back-office

These challenges made the back office vulnerable, inflexible, and unable to meet service level agreements. To achieve its targeted goals and provide a higher level of service, Nationale-Nederlanden needed to accomplish the following:

  • Enhance forecasting capabilities, with the ability to deploy team members widely across different tasks.
  • To improve productivity, increase understanding and control over the time it takes to complete work items.
  • Raise operational visibility and awareness through real-time, daily reports on workload.
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Solution: Start with Verint Work Manager

Nationale-Nederlanden researched the marketplace for tools to achieve its back-office objectives. At first glance, Verint Work Manager seemed to be a suitable candidate. This was fortified by a series of onsite discovery sessions conducted by Verint experts to
demonstrate the solution’s capabilities.

In the summer of 2019, Nationale-Nederlanden selected Verint Work Manager and the 20-week implementation got underway. Over the course of the first 10 weeks, the solution was configured, designed, and implemented. Following this technical go-live, the Verint team worked with Nationale-Nederlanden to optimize the solution for the organization’s objectives.

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Providing insights to work with

This process included a transfer of all processes into Verint Work Manager, including a deeper look at handling times, SLAs per process or task, unallocated work, team competencies, rosters, and how employees spend their time. These steps provided Nationale-Nederlanden with a learning curve, as well as insights to work with.

For example, are colleagues at their most productive between eight and 10 a.m. in the morning? If so, productivity may increase further if training sessions are planned outside these times, enabling teams to devote their most productive hours to answering customer questions.

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Technical integration between Work Manager and Salesforce

After mapping out processes, Nationale-Nederlanden and the Verint team began technical integration between Verint Work Manager and Salesforce. Salesforce is the central CRM system and the starting point for all activities at the organization.

As a planning and work distribution system, Verint Work Manager follows Salesforce, so all activities and changes in Salesforce are sent to Verint Work Manager. Likewise, when distributing tasks, Verint Work Manager sends a message to change the case owner in Salesforce.

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Every day starts with strategy

At the start of each day, Nationale-Nederlanden managers, planners, and team members discuss the strategy for effectively supporting customer demand. Team members start all tasks in Verint Work Manager. When they click on a task, it takes them to the case in Salesforce.

In Salesforce, they complete their work and, after closing the case, start their next task ready for them in the Verint solution. They can also view their progress and confirm it coincides with what was planned by team managers, who divide work and monitor overall progress.

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Verint Work Manager goes live

The Verint Work Manager project went live midway through the 20-week implementation. The solution was ready technically and managers, planners, and team members were familiar with the project and knew what was expected of them.

All had been trained, with managers receiving intensive training, since they now had to work differently and trade their sometimes very project-oriented approach with more employee coaching.

The change management program in the 2nd half of the implementation focused on creating a customer-centric mindset and new way of working in their back-office.

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Benefits: Substantial gains in effectiveness and efficiency

Since going live with Verint Work Manager, the results have been substantial. Effectiveness refers to the amount of work that one expects to be able to do in the time available compared to what was done. Today, Nationale-Nederlanden gets five percent more work done than expected in the measured timeframe.

Efficiency refers to how much time out of the number of paid hours is spent handling customer enquiries. Although the 20 percent increase is a solid result, increasing efficiency itself was not a goal of the organization. For example, even an efficiency of 50 percent can be acceptable if the other 50 percent is required for other tasks.


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Complete more tasks in the same amount of time

Work is distributed efficiently and effectively among employees and managers can redeploy resources when necessary. The skills of all team members are also well understood, so that the work can be distributed optimally.

With Verint Work Manager enabling Nationale-Nederlanden to properly measure how long certain tasks take, planning is more accurate. In turn, team members can complete more tasks in the same amount of time.

Additionally, employees and managers have greater visibility into their schedules and performance, enabling more effective course corrections to ensure customer demand is met with the highest degree of service.

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