Verint Helps Leading Dental and Veterinary Products Supplier Innovate, Automate, and Elevate Customer Experience

A leading dental and veterinary products supplier has served the dental and animal health markets in North America and the UK since its founding over a century ago.

The results

  • Increased call evaluation and scoring from 1% to 80% of call volume.

  • Boosted quality scores by 37% and CSAT scores into the 90s.

  • Saved $2 million dollars by reducing the number of quality managers needed.

About the Leading Dental and Veterinary Products Supplier

A leading dental and veterinary products supplier has served the dental and animal health markets in North America and the UK since its founding over a century ago. With more than $5 billion in annual sales, the company is a respected partner of dental and animal health practices, providing the expertise, products, technologies, and services needed for smooth-running and productive, modern practices. The company’s comprehensive portfolio, distribution network, and supply chain are paired with its passionate customer-centric employees.

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Modernize customer engagement and workforce management

The company’s technology center is staffed with nearly 300 support specialists and fields more than 5,500 interactions daily – providing support to customers as they choose, install, and onboard products and technology suitable for their business needs. With a one-call resolution goal, the company’s expert teams aspire to meet customers in their channel of choice while delivering a personal touch.

To support its growth and customer service goals, the company recognized it could no longer continue with paper-based workforce scheduling. It turned to Verint to help it modernize its workforce management and overall customer engagement, with a goal of improving scalability, efficiency, and performance to elevate customer experience (CX).

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Improve CX with Verint’s Open CCaaS solutions

Taking advantage of the benefits of Verint’s best-of-breed Open CCaaS solutions in the cloud, the company started its customer support modernization journey with Verint Workforce Management. However, this was just the beginning.

“We experienced such success with Verint Workforce Management that we started looking at new opportunities to modernize and automate our customer support processes,” says the senior operations manager at the leading dental and veterinary products supplier, who has leveraged Verint solutions for close to a decade while spearheading the company’s contact center transformation.

Following its success with Verint Workforce Management, the company implemented Verint Speech Analytics and Verint Quality Bots*, the latter enhanced with AI-powered scoring bots that automatically and continuously evaluate all interactions against the organization’s scoring rules. Enhancing and further automating the capture and analysis of customer and performance data, the solutions fuel the company’s data-driven decisions aimed at improving CX.

The company also added Verint Desktop and Process Analytics. The solution, combined with out-of-the-box rules in Verint Quality Bots that check that agents follow the most common compliance guidelines, such as informing customers that calls are being recorded and ensuring that CVV data is not captured, enables the company to meet PCI compliance requirements with greater efficiency.

Finally, the company deployed Verint Voice Survey to gather critical voice of the customer insights on agent performance and customer satisfaction via post-interaction IVR surveys. Survey results are united with agent quality scores, call trends and insights, and other operational data using Verint Performance Management. The resulting agent scorecard provides the company with a unified, 360-degree view of engagement data and performance.

Verint Quality Bots improve efficiency, performance, and CX

With the Verint software, the dental and veterinary products supplier has seen efficiency, performance, and CX improve. Using Verint Quality Bots to automate 11 of 14 questions on its quality form, while also simplifying its manual form to three tone and procedural questions, the company went from evaluating four calls per specialist per month (less than one percent of call volume) to evaluating 80 percent of calls.

The higher number of interactions monitored and scored drove more comprehensive quality assurance. In turn, the company saw quality scores rise by 37 percent, CSAT scores reach into the 90s, and a two-minute reduction in average handle time.

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With real-time forecasting and scheduling, the company can more tactically and efficiently staff its contact center. In fact, due to better staff planning alone, it was able to reallocate 46 technology center employees to help address other strategic needs of the business.

“By achieving operational efficiencies, we have been able to completely redefine how we leverage our customer service resources,” explains the senior operations manager. “We created a new training team, strengthened our workforce analyst team, and created a business intelligence team to streamline the delivery of valuable insights to frontline business leaders and senior leadership.”

These improvements stem not only from Verint’s cloud-based engagement solutions, but also from Verint Open CCaaS Platform. Providing best-of-breed CX automation and seamless integration with existing telephony and other enterprise solutions, Verint Platform has empowered the company to discover trends, aggregate information, and act in real-time to advance the enterprise and drive both employee and customer success.

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Engage with customers in a more meaningful and actionable way with Verint Open CCaaS Platform

Today, the company can see its workforce and quality key performance indicators (KPIs) on a single, integrated Verint Performance Management scorecard. Further, it can readily understand trend data by agent. This has empowered clearer, more concise quality goals. At the same time, it has empowered agents understanding of their performance and opportunities for improvement.

Using Verint Quality Bots, where automatic workflows that score interactions and report on results feed the integrated scorecard, the company can trigger coaching alerts and present the results of coaching sessions. This has led to agent coaching, which was historically scheduled as recurring meetings and conducted as volume allowed, averaging 10 minutes less per session while being more targeted and effective.

“By leveraging Verint Open CCaaS platform which includes Verint’s best-of-breed customer engagement solutions, we’ve been able to find efficiencies and ways to innovate service, enhance performance, and increase satisfaction while engaging with customers in a more meaningful and actionable way,” the senior operations manager concludes.


*Note: Verint Quality Bots were formerly known as Verint Automated Quality Management.

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  • Performance Management

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