Work Entropy Harnesses Gig Worker Potential Around the Globe

Work Entropy, is transforming the gig world from the ground up by empowering independent workers with an innovative service platform.

The results

  • 30 days

    Up and running in only 30 days, streamlining time-to-value via cloud deployment

  • 24 hours

    Candidates sourced — from application to onboarding — within 24 hours

  • 70k

    7,000 candidate assessments conducted in 50 countries worldwide in less than a year

Opportunity: Empower independent workers with an innovative service platform

The gig economy is impacting industries around the globe, offering employees greater autonomy and satisfaction through the selection of their work hours and the ability to opt-in to work that matches their skills, values, and lifestyle. In parallel, employers are quickly leaning into the gig landscape to mine the efficiencies of flexible team structures that can grow or shrink as needed to support projects.

One forward-thinking company, Work Entropy, is transforming the gig world from the ground up by empowering independent workers with an innovative service platform. This platform enables gig workers to forge profitable partnerships through work that is both inspiring and rewarding.

Through its platform, Work Entropy helps skill-based freelancers across 50 countries find profitable and meaningful work, while at the same time helping businesses crowdsource gig workers worldwide who are available, trained, and certified to perform work. This type of new world “matchmaking” is designed to harness the talents of gig workers and support a sustainable economy for all.

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Solution: Elevate candidate quality and customer engagement with Verint Intelligent Interviewing

To help fuel this reverse-engineering of traditional talent recruitment and acquisition practices, Work Entropy relies on Verint Intelligent Interviewing to assess knowledge gaps and identify new skill learning opportunities, while tapping into everyone’s mindset to understand how they personally work best. This is part of the magic that matches individuals with gig employers near and far to effect joyful and profitable work for more prosperous living.

Through Verint Intelligent Interviewing, organizations can elevate candidate quality and customer engagement, accelerate speed-to-hire, and enhance employee retention through automated, analytics-driven candidate screening to reduce the risk of mis-hiring. This innovative solution improves hiring outcomes by finding candidates most likely to be long-tenured, highly skilled, motivated, and engaged, thus reducing attrition and increasing attendance.

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Verint helps speed up the hiring process and get a more efficient match

With a goal of “connecting humans with resources to build sustainable lives,” Work Entropy considers Verint Intelligent Interviewing a key part of its go-to-market strategy. Incorporating automated, intelligent candidate screening helps speed up the hiring process and more efficiently match the right worker with the right gig opportunity.

The 24/7/365 availability of the interview platform enables freelancers to interview for positions via a fast, efficient, and multi-lingual process that promotes inclusivity and full participation in the workforce for all. It reaches even the most disadvantaged individuals on a worldwide scale — whether they are in Kenya or the streets of San Diego.

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Benefits: Accelerate the interview process using Verint Intelligent Interviewing

Using Verint Intelligent Interviewing in the cloud streamlined time-to-value for Work Entropy, with the company up and running on the solution in only 30 days. Moreover, the company conducted over 7,000 candidate assessments across 50 countries worldwide in less than a year.

Leveraging machine learning, proprietary audio models, and predictive analysis, the Verint solution has enabled Work Entropy to source independent workers from application to onboarding within 24 hours or less. Because its candidates don’t always have internet access, the company relies on the solution’s phone screen capability as a key means of accessibility. Meanwhile, chat and language IQ assessments provide an objective means to assess language fluency.

In addition, Work Entropy’s progressive service platform powered by Verint Intelligent Interviewing delivers:

  • Acquisition Optimization – Quickly and automatically qualifies candidate profiles.
  • Candidate Profile Creation – Captures candidates’ working requirements and guides them through a seamless process to qualify for a variety of work, all managed in real time for a seamless and enjoyable candidate experience.
  • Work Entropy Academy Portal Access – Once identified, disqualified individuals are given the resources to train, skill up, and qualify for work.

Verint Intelligent Interviewing assists in establishing sustainable partnerships

Additionally, Work Entropy is using the Verint solution to identify “Community Managers.” These individuals are native speakers, advocate for their local community, and are passionate and intentional about solving problems. They provide feet and intelligence on the ground to help Work Entropy understand the challenges in various regions and identify resources needed to address the root causes of unemployment and homelessness. For example, a community manager in Veracruz, Mexico, has worked with Work Entropy to build a primary school in Veracruz. Similarly, a community manager in Kenya has helped put in place an apprenticeship program and a student placement program with Kenyatta University.

“By leveraging the proven Verint Intelligent Interviewing solution, we’re able to establish productive pairings and sustainable partnerships between gig workers and employers while reducing the costs of acquisition, training, and onboarding,” says Andrew Kennedy, Founder and CEO, Head of Culture, at Work Entropy. “Without the burden of these costs, companies can pay higher wages while maximizing time spent on the process from both sides of the hiring equation.”

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