GDIT Boosts Customer Service Capabilities Through a One Workforce Approach


  • Enabled efficient and effective handling of more than 40,000 daily interactions using combined human-IVA approach.

  • Reduced contact center staffing by 30% while increasing capacity, flexibility, and agility.

  • Shaved 20 seconds from handle time and improved speed of response.


General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT), a business unit of General Dynamics, is on the frontlines of health innovation. As a Medicare contractor providing customer support to Medicare beneficiaries, GDIT’s benefits coordination and recovery contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has generated savings of $8.5 billion annually to the Medicare Trust Fund.

In 2019, GDIT set a vision to increase customer service capabilities for the more than 60 million Medicare beneficiaries it serves.

To achieve this vision, GDIT needed an interconnected network of best-of-breed solutions leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. Modernizing its customer engagement, the introduction of greater AI and automation into its operations would also support elevating the customer experience, improving agent productivity and other key business objectives.


GDIT relies on Verint solutions to boost its customer service capabilities and, in turn, the support it delivers to Medicare beneficiaries. These solutions include Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, Verint Application Triggers, Verint Speech Analytics, Verint Enterprise Recording, Verint Automated Quality Management, Verint Workforce Management, and Verint Performance Management.

The openness, flexibility, and scalability of Verint’s platform enable GDIT to seamlessly interconnect its AI-powered Verint solutions with its customer relationship management (CRM) system and other enterprise applications. This provides it with a holistic view of its operations and performance, superior automation, and an enhanced ability to surface operational insights for improved agent performance, optimized processes, and higher customer satisfaction.

To address call volume and customer inquiries more effectively, GDIT leverages Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). The digital IVA can perform specific tasks for agents, deliver real-time information, and provide guided resolution.

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Using AI and machine learning, the solution enables GDIT agents to efficiently find the information they need to deliver positive customer experiences while reducing workloads and training time, lowering handle time, and improving service quality.

“When an agent types a question into Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, the tool determines what they are asking and offers a specific answer while also giving context to the answer,” explains Ravi Rampersad, telecom engineer at General Dynamics Information Technology. “The Verint solution is like using Google, only better because it’s customized to our contact center environment.”

This is complemented by GDIT’s use of Verint Application Triggers. With the solution, the company can tag vital customer data to calls and easily move data between applications. This enables GDIT to best harness the wealth of insights contained in customer interactions, maximizing its ability to analyze the data for trends, targeted agent training, process improvement, and more.


With Verint’s solutions weaving AI and automation into the fabric of its customer service capabilities, GDIT reduced staffing by 30 percent in its contact center. At the same time, the organization has greater tools, bandwidth, and empowerment to elevate the customer experience. This combined human-IVA customer service approach forms a One Workforce strategy that enables GDIT to increase capacity, flexibility, and agility—key to its efficient and effective handling of more than 40,000 daily interactions.

Previously, if a GDIT agent had a question they couldn’t answer, they would consult a 30-page manual or a supervisor. Today, Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides agents with up-todate responses aligned with any program changes to ensure accuracy. Plus, with the Verint solution integrated with the company’s CRM system, agents have immediate access to important customer data and Medicare information. As a result, GDIT has improved speed of response, shaved 20 seconds from handle time, and reduced errors from manual data entry.

Perhaps most important to GDIT boosting its customer service capabilities is Verint’s customer commitment and continuous technology innovation. “There is tremendous value in the depth and breadth of Verint’s solutions,” Rampersad concludes. “More than that, we have a strong vendor partnership with the company. They understand that this is a process. It’s not a project that they sign off on and then walk away. Verint is with us every step of the way.”

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Featured Verint Solutions

  • Intelligent Virtual Assistant

    Delivers personalized AI-powered self-service customer experiences, while also improving contact center operations.
  • Speech Analytics

    Verint is proud to offer the most-used and highest-rated speech analytics software on the market. Learn how to get more insights out of every interaction.
  • Enterprise Recording

    Capture interactions across multiple channels and retrieve recordings quickly, even in unstructured content, to reduce effort, analyze and track trends, mitigate liability, and enhance compliance.

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