5CA Transforms Employee Experience and Data-Driven Insights with Verint Workforce Management

5CA is a remote-first customer experience (CX) company

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The results

  • 1.5%

    Maintaining staff turnover rate at 1.5% per month – half of the sector average rate

  • 90+

    Scaled service to 90+ employees in five languages in only two days

  • Deployed capacity flexibly across customers, languages, skills, and time zones

Opportunity: Deliver a great gaming experience to customers

Founded in 1998, 5CA represents some of the biggest names in gaming and tech. More than 2,000 5CA employees support customers in 80 countries and 20 languages.

Delivering a great gaming experience to customers can be unpredictable. For example, support needs to be scaled up and down to coincide with the launch of new games. And gamers don’t care much about the clock: they are just as likely to need support in the evening or at night, depending on when they are playing.

In response, 5CA employees are agile, innovative, and responsive. Bilingual agents working from home (WFH) support customers through voice, chat, email, social media, and in-game support. The main challenge is to always have the right people available in the right time zone and language.

Deliver rewarding and engaging employee experiences

Data is a key enabler here. Data needs to flow seamlessly between different applications, including the contact center platform, the ticketing and CRM solution, the workforce management (WFM) tool, and the BI solution.

Simultaneously, 5CA needs to deliver a rewarding and engaging employee experience. Jelmer IJbema, Manager Workforce Management at 5CA explains, “A Spanish team, for example, might be divided over four time zones. How do you prevent employees from working night shifts more often than they want? And how do you organize team meetings and increase engagement?”

As 5CA grew, WFM became increasingly complex. It became important to work with different skill sets. New channels were added, such as in-game support and chat. At the same time, it was difficult to retrieve employee availability within the existing WFM tool. The WFM team also wanted more insight into adherence: essential for remote working.

Finally, all 5CA applications needed to be cloud-based, to align with the company’s WFH model.

Solution: Verint Workforce Management inspires new practices

5CA has deployed the cloud-based Verint Workforce Management solution. Within four months, all 5CA projects (including individual country working hour regulations) were integrated and configured. Currently, schedule information and time registration are sent to the 5CA enterprise data warehouse (EDW), where all reports are compiled.

Moreover, a personnel interface has been set up from the EDW to Verint Workforce Management. Data from the contact center and CRM platforms are sent to the EDW, refreshed every 15 minutes by means of an API.

As part of the implementation, 5CA has also adapted internal working methods, like introducing split shifts and increasing employee flexibility. Collaborative engagement between team leaders and employees, plus e-learning during the onboarding of new employees, has inspired new practices.

IJbema explains, “We opted for the dialogue route, to ensure employee participation and engagement in the change program. Team leaders and operations managers have had conversations with the employees, like: Why is ‘x’ important? What are the pain points? How can we solve these challenges together?”

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Verint Workforce Management drives results

5CA is benefiting from a tightly aligned, data-driven WFM process. Near real-time contact center and CRM data is powering Verint Workforce Management and driving agility, improved employee engagement, and informed decisions.

  • Scalability

    The platform can be scaled very quickly. One gaming customer, for example, recently changed from a ‘paid’ to ‘free’ subscription model, resulting in a ten-fold increase in downloads. 5CA needed to scale quickly to 90+ employees in five languages. 5CA managed this expansion in only two days.

  • Optimized WFM

    Verint Workforce Management auto-scheduler generates schedules for all types of employees. The planner within the WFM team then optimizes the schedules, which are passed to the managers a week in advance. They monitor adherence and attendance and instruct team leaders to scale staffing up or down by approaching employees.

  • Rewarding work/life balance

    Using Verint Flex Manager, 5CA employees indicate their availability, which the WFM team use to understand who is available where and during which hours of the day. This way, the WFM team can respond to the rhythm of the employee, such as avoiding night shifts for those unwilling to participate.

  • Staff satisfaction and loyalty

    By optimizing WFM and driving a strong work/life balance for all employees, 5CA has achieved a 1.5% per month staff turnover rate – half the average rate of the sector

  • Agile payroll

    5CA employees use the MyTime module to log in. The time registration is shared directly with the payroll system, which also accommodates in-country labor relations laws and regulations. The latter also contributes to the scalability of 5CA’s business.

  • Insights and reporting

    Verint’s open data approach allows 5CA to use their tools of choice to enhance reporting. For example, Power BI allows 5CA to report on the most important key performance indicators (KPIs), and the metrics are used to check every week whether the models used are still correct. They also enable 5CA to validate the quality of Verint Workforce Management data.

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