Workforce Management Branch Forecaster

Determine the right staffing levels for each branch to drive efficiencies, sales and revenue growth, and CX.

Our Workforce Management for Branch Customers

Match capacity to customer demand to improve efficiencies

Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing. Associated Bank realized they need a solution that would enable them to continuously analyze customer behaviors in order to align their delivery model and workforce capacity to match customer demand.

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Evolving branch operating models

Banks and credit unions are experimenting with new operating models. Accurate demand forecasts and capacity plans that automatically update based on branch traffic and demand, enable branch executives to conduct “what if” scenarios to fully understand the FTE impact of changing branch formats and staffing models prior to making changes.

Check out the report: American Banker: Evolving Bank Branch Operating Models Requires New Approaches to Staffing

Purpose-built for the branch environment

Verint Workforce Management (WFM) Branch Forecaster was purpose built for the complexity of the branch environment. The solution factors in:

  • Unique branch attributes such as queues, drive-thru windows, operation controls
  • Daily and monthly distribution patterns, trends, seasonality, holiday and special day impacts
  • Sales and service activities and volumes
  • Time standards based upon customer interaction mix
  • Targeted customer service levels.
Verint Workforce Management Branch Forecaster

Reallocate staff across branches

Key to being able to balance costs and service in branch banking is the ability to assign branch staff to work at multiple branches, in a resource pool for greater flexibility, or even across functions. When minimum staffing means there’s excess branch capacity, staff can be allocated to support digital channels, the contact center, or the back office.

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Prevent over/under branch staffing

Branch executives struggle to find the right balance between costs and customer experience. If you have more resources than customer demand, your branch costs increase. If you are understaffed, your customer satisfaction and sales growth will suffer. Branch forecasts that calculate demand by the half hour for each branch, and incorporate administrative and sales activities, can help you cost effectively staff your branches.

Learn how First Horizon Bank was able to reduce staff overtime by 80 percent.

First Horizon Branch WFM Success Story
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Adaptive branch staffing models

Verint WFM Branch Forecaster is adaptive, not static. It leverages both historical forecasts and trend analysis and automatic updates that reflect changes in customer demand. Branch banking leaders are empowered with up-to-date forecasting and staffing data to make more informed, data-driven decisions, faster.

Learn how Capitec reduced time branch managers devoted daily to forecasting and scheduling from 5 hours to 10 minutes.

Capitec Bank Transforms In-Branch Customer Experience and Efficiency

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Verint Workforce Management for Branch helps banks and credit unions improve efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and drive sales and revenue growth based on the needs of specific branches and markets.

  • 12 of the Top 15

    banks in the US and Canada use Verint WFM for Branch software

  • 40,000+

    branches have been licensed to use Verint WFM for Branch to optimize their workforce

  • 20+

    years of industry leadership

Product Lineup

  • Verint Workforce Management Branch Scheduler

    Put the right bankers in front of your branch customers at the right time and place.
  • Verint Workforce Management Branch Data Analytics

    A business intelligence tool that allows you to query branch staffing and scheduling data to create custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations.
  • Face-to-Face Recording

    Capture and analyze face-to-face interactions with branch customers for quality, compliance and sales effectiveness.
  • Forecasting and Scheduling

    Maximize capacity and utilization by aligning schedules to forecasted demand.
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Optimize productivity and capacity, improve processes and help ensure compliance.
  • Knowledge Management

    Speed time to answer and improve accuracy by delivering relevant, contextual knowledge resources.
  • Experience Management

    Get timely and critical feedback from customers to assess and manage their customer experience.