Workforce Management Branch Scheduler

Automate the creation of optimized schedules for bank and credit union branches.

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Our Workforce Management for Branch Customers

Optimize branch scheduling

Ensuring you have the right branch resources at the right time to meet your customers’ needs is a huge challenge. Customers can easily be frustrated by long wait times or the lack of knowledgeable bankers who can help with their more complex financial concerns.

Verint WFM Branch Scheduler can help ensure the right resources are staffed by time of day, day of week or month, and by market opportunity.

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Capitalize on sales and growthopportunities

To drive sales and revenue growth, bankers need to schedule time for proactive business development, outreach, and sales appointments. Verint WFM Branch Scheduler builds time for these activities into banker schedules, and ensures there are enough branch staff scheduled so bankers are not drawn into service transactions due to insufficient staffing.

Learn how Regions Bank grew households and deposits with Verint Workforce Management for Branch.

Regions Bank Success Story
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Improve efficiencies and reduce costs

One of the challenges with branch staffing is scheduling for the customer facing activities as well as the non-customer facing activities, administrative work, and dual control requirements.  With Verint WFM Branch Scheduler, First Horizon Bank was able to schedule a float pool to cover absences and ensure non-customer facing activities occurred during business hours, reducing overtime by 80 percent!

First Horizon Branch WFM Success Story

Increase branch staff engagement

Verint WFM Branch Scheduler, contains an employee self-service hub, Connect, which gives employees access via a mobile app or computer to schedules, time off requests, shift swaps, and more. This easy access to schedules increases staff flexibility and better enables them to balance work and home life.

Learn how Associated Bank increased colleague engagement.

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Verint Workforce Management for Branch helps banks and credit unions improve efficiencies, enhance customer experience, and drive sales and revenue growth based on the needs of specific branches and markets.

  • 12 of the Top 15

    banks in the US and Canada use Verint Branch WFM software

  • 40,000+

    branches have been licensed to use Verint Branch WFM to optimize their workforce

  • 20+

    years of industry leadership

Product Line Up

  • Workforce Management Branch Forecaster

    Analyze and predict branch demand and resource capacity with accurate forecasting.
  • Verint Workforce Management Branch Data Analytics

    A business intelligence tool that allows you to query branch staffing and scheduling data to create custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations.
  • Face-to-Face Recording

    Capture and analyze face-to-face interactions with branch customers for quality, compliance and sales effectiveness.
  • Forecasting and Scheduling

    Maximize capacity and utilization by aligning schedules to forecasted demand.
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Optimize productivity and capacity, improve processes and help ensure compliance.
  • Knowledge Management

    Speed time to answer and improve accuracy by delivering relevant, contextual knowledge resources.
  • Experience Management

    Get timely and critical feedback from customers to assess and manage their customer experience.