The Future of Work Is Coming into View

Verint Team June 30, 2021

We’re all working differently right now. Some of you reading this are sitting in a makeshift home office in what used to be a dining room when you’d typically be chatting with a team member over a cubicle wall. Things are different, and they’re going to stay different.

The way we work has forever changed, but in many ways, technological innovations were already changing before the pandemic hit. COVID-19 just accelerated this ongoing transformation.

What will it mean to be a post-COVID company? What will the office look like? And regardless of the pandemic, were we already heading toward a less centralised work experience?

Here’s what we’re seeing come into focus for what we at Verint call the Future of Work.

Remote Is Here to Stay

“Many employees have now tasted the experience of remote work and want more of it in their future professional arrangements. In fact, several surveys suggest that approximately 70 percent of employees want to retain some degree of remote work,” says Tsedal Neeley, Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School.

Greater work flexibility has become critical so that people can work from any location, across channels and departments, and can adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment. But even with this new model, companies nevertheless need to deliver on the promise of an elevated customer experience and greater operational efficiencies.

That’s why Verint offers the Work From Home Virtual Assistant, an IVA that provides relief to teams and supports productivity with quick, accurate answers to employee questions. It helps employees set up necessary technology, troubleshoot IT issues, connect with their team members, and navigate other issues that arise when working remotely.

Humans + Bots

Today’s modern workforce is evolving quickly, as is the actual work that people are asked to do. More bots are being deployed, and a hybrid workforce of humans and bots is emerging. A more digitally savvy workforce requires modern apps and new workflows.

Verint’s Future of Work offerings, including Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), ease the burden on customer service teams, as well as IT and HR departments. These automated solutions provide internal teams with quick and accurate information and allow IT and HR personnel to focus on higher-level needs.

For example, an IVA could quickly provide information about health insurance open enrolment, rather than HR personnel spending their time fielding multiple phone calls about the same issue.

And while it’s often thought that IVAs are meant to replace live customer service agents, this technology is increasingly used to make life easier for both the agent and the customer on the other end of the line. The need for live agent interactions with customers remains a priority across industries, even as IVAs and chatbots become more widely adopted. An IVA, when used internally by a customer service agent, allows that agent to quickly access a wealth of information and provide fast, accurate responses to the customer.

The Virtual Watercooler

Regardless of where and when people in your company are working, they need to stay connected. At Verint, we’ve seen how online communities can create not just a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, but also serve as a depot for vital company information and employee enablement.

Verint Community is a social platform with a complete set of social applications, including forums, blogs, and private messaging. This is an industry-leading customer service platform used by some of the world’s most trusted brands.

When used internally for employees, Verint Community provides a centralised location to access the information they need to fulfil their responsibilities and ultimately better serve customers. Additionally, it provides forums, gamification, easy-to-navigate articles, and easy access to HR and IT information that employees need most.

New Normal

Again, we’re living in unprecedented times, but the Future of Work is coming into view. It’s a future that combines innovative technology with people who can harness that technology.

Learn more about how Verint can prepare you for the Future of Work here.