Unleashing the Power of CX Automation for Enhanced Customer and Agent Experiences

This on-demand webinar unveils the secrets behind CX Automation and its pivotal role in shaping today’s customer interactions.

Discover the game-changing insights from a new report, “Excellence on Repeat: Harnessing CX Automation for Elevated Experiences.” In this session, we dive into why CX automation is becoming a necessity for customer experience professionals. Explore the strategic applications of CX automation and unlock its potential to elevate both agent performance and customer satisfaction.
Watch now to learn more about:
  • The value of engagement data in initiating and optimizing CX automation initiatives
  • The expanded role of “AI” for improving agent efficiency while delivering a superior customer experience
  • The power of open platforms to drive key connections across often disparate systems and services

Hear from Keith Dawson and Jason Valdina as they discuss both issues and solutions, watch the on-demand webinar today.


Keith Dawson, VP and Research Director, Ventana Research

Keith Dawson
Director of Research, CX Ventana Research, now part of ISG


Jason Valdina

Jason Valdina
Senior Director, Verint

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