Online communities built the right way

Jon Allen March 4, 2022

You might have already read our article on how to build an online community and nurture it, which details the best tactics for maintaining and growing an online community. But what about building it to start with? What if we talk less about the ongoing strategy and tactics used and more about having the suitable infrastructure and technology in place to initially host a digital community? 

In this blog article, we’ll provide a rundown of the different digital technologies found in the features of Verint Community that you can use to put in place the foundational platform of your digital online community. 

Creating an online community – what’s your aim? 

Not every online community is built with the same end goal in mind, or even for the same purpose. From private social networks, to customer service platforms, many different types of online communities will place different levels of importance on various technologies. 

As we take you through each one, we’ll provide examples of the different features and tools for building online communities that Verint Community offers, and how they can be utilized to launch a successful digital community for your business. 

Private social networks 

Private social networks are fantastic for utilizing all the main features of a standard public social network, but being able to keep all content and conversations private to your chosen community. 

You might use a private social network for internal, employee discussions on certain topics you’d prefer to keep away from the public eye. Alternatively, you might want to use one for certain, chosen members of the public, such as offering a select premium membership area of your customer base certain extra services. 

For this type of online community, you might employ a question and answer forum and keep it locked to your employees, or you could start a discussion forum for customers to voice opinions to others, away from the public eye. 

Find out more about our private social networks. 

Social intranet software 

Social intranets are great as a solution to fast, efficient knowledge sharing and productivity-boosting within your organization. 

If creating an online community this way is your aim, then Verint Community’s rich blogging feature provides a base for knowledge features and thought-piece articles. Our wiki application adds another angle to those looking to create a social intranet, as it encourages the creation and curation of user-generated content. 

Creating a customer service platform online community 

In previous feature articles, we’ve also covered the many ways you can create online communities to cut down on your customer service demands. By providing an environment for customers to speak to each other, they may self-resolve their own queries, meaning you can focus your time on driving your business forward in other ways. 

Question and answer forums, discussion forums, and informational blogs all help in providing content and resource that helps to auto-direct customers to a resolution. All while cutting down on your working time, and all with the future growth of your online community in mind. 

If building online communities the right way is something you’d like to hear more about, then why not speak to one of our experts, or alternatively browse our features for more information.