AI and KM: From Knowledge Management to Knowledge Automation—Verint Virtual On-Demand

Verint Team July 2, 2020

Our most popular session from Verint Virtual 2020 is now available on demand! Join Heather Richards, VP of Product Strategy as she showcases how artificial intelligence is injecting new life into knowledge management and is suddenly more relevant and necessary than ever.

Today’s Knowledge Management (KM) is a game changer for both driving efficiencies across an enterprise and providing a personalized customer experience. Watch and learn how you can take the first steps toward an AI-driven customer engagement strategy using Verint’s Cloud Knowledge Management as its foundation.

This on-demand session covers not only how Verint can assist in building out a practical road map to harnessing the power of AI, but additional key topics that provide much deeper context such as:

  • Automation Market Drivers
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Collective Knowledge
  • Next Generation Knowledge Management
  • Getting Your Knowledge Automation Initiative Up and Running

Automation Market Drivers

The Customer Engagement market has changed primarily due to the proliferation of tech and the amount of data now available—the combination of which has made the wave of AI and automation possible. The availability of information and the speed at which it can be delivered have influenced not just customer behaviour and expectations, but employee behaviours and expectations.

The nature of work has also changed: the gig economy, home workers, virtual contact centres, the expectation of being in the same job for no more that 2-3 years—and more recently a global pandemic that has forced both crisis management and the WFH model to the forefront. These changes have influenced what is referred to as the hybrid workforce—a blend of automation technologies and humans.

The question is now being asked: What can be automated? And what can’t?

Getting the Most Out of Your Collective Knowledge

Knowledge Management is no longer just a tool to manage knowledge:

  • Knowledge provides insight
  • Insight leads to the creation of better knowledge
  • Done right, it delivers customer and operational insights.

Instead of looking at KM as a way to simply manage knowledge, it should be approached with the desired outcome of driving efficiencies. If you can automate the creation, consumption and sharing of knowledge, you not only provide a better frictionless user experience, but you can increase operational efficiencies.

This can be done through advances in the technologies being used to deliver KM—for example, AI, APIs and Cloud service. If the creation, consumption and sharing of knowledge can be automated, it can result in amazing business outcomes.

Next Generation Knowledge Management

Verint’s Next Generation Knowledge Management opens the door to intelligent automation. At its heart, what Verint KM has is a cloud-deployed, cognitive knowledge platform. It’s extremely low effort for deployment and curation, which drives a low total cost of ownership.

Getting Your Knowledge Automation Initiative Up and Running

During this Verint Virtual session, Heather lays out the crucial steps to drive automation even further after a Verint KM deployment—and then how to layer additional automation capabilities:

The AI capabilities of other Verint portfolio products drive additional context and further drive the aims of zero-click knowledge. These solutions can be layered together at your own pace, advancing the AI capabilities and outcomes for both your customers and employees.

The Verint KM Difference

With Verint, there is no need to settle. You can harness the power of AI quickly and add more capabilities, audiences and channels at your own pace. The first step toward knowledge automation does not need to be a massive undertaking, but rather a project that starts addressing immediate needs and grows as you have the bandwidth and scope to address additional user cases.

With Verint’s KM solution, you can immediately:

  • Provide real-time support for customers and agents using AI-infused knowledge technology
  • Automate the creation, consumption and sharing of knowledge—leading to better CX and increased operational efficiencies
  • Future-proof your knowledge investment by using a knowledge application built on the Knowledge as a Service model, which allows for the surfacing of knowledge through multiple channels for multiple audiences.