Dispelling Common Myths in Building Great Customer Experiences

Despite advances in technology and customer data analytics, organizations still struggle with achieving lasting change and improvement in CX.

The current challenge lies in overcoming common myths and misconceptions that limit the ability to share insights across departments, beat the tyranny of the CX Cost Equation, and approach CX from an operations-focused perspective. Join Karyn Furstman, VP of Experience Management at Verint, and Randall Tallerico, CMO at Urban Science, who will share insights and best practices from new research that examines these challenges and how successful leaders are tackling them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why CX initiatives often fail to accomplish lasting change and improvement
  • Turn customer insights into action for the entire business to gain a competitive edge
  • Create omnichannel experiences by shifting towards operations-focused CX
  • Tackle the CX Cost Equation with the power of customer insight and feedback

Watch the on-demand webinar to explore the myths surrounding CX and gain insights on how organizations can overcome these challenges to create successful CX.


Karyn Furstman

Karyn Furstman
VP of Experience Management, Verint


Randall Tallerico

Randall Tallerico
CMO, Urban Science

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