At SYS, our mission is to offer our customers quality and state-of-the-art products in accordance with their needs and in the top-quality service manner; as well as to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level and to provide services that are beyond expectations. As was the case up until now, we will continue to offer services as a brand that not only makes technology integrations in the field of call center systems but also produces these technologies

Why partner with SYS

SYS Voice Response Systems is one of the leading companies in the field of telecom. Founded in Istanbul in 1992, SYS is a leading systems integrator while also producing domestic and value-added solutions with its own R&D team.

The partnership between Verint and SYS extends back to 2006. Together, Verint and SYS help companies optimize their contact center with market-leading solutions across workforce optimization, speech analytics, real-time coaching, and more. SYS offers brands expert services in deploying and managing these solutions for your contact center.

Today, with many awards and over 5000 completed projects, SYS continues to offer call center software solutions, Generative AI and Conversational AI solutions to companies of different sizes from every sector.

female contact center agent working

Product line-up

  • Workforce Management

    Enhance your employee and customer experience with superior forecasting and scheduling
  • Desktop and Process Analytics

    Help managers improve employee productivity, quality and compliance
  • Speech Analytics

    Verint is proud to offer the most-used and highest-rated speech analytics software on the market. Learn how to get more insights out of every interaction
  • Quality Bots

    Meet our team of AI-powered bots helping you increase CX automation
  • Coaching Bots

    With Verint Coaching Bots your agents receive in-the-moment non-disruptive guidance when they need it — elevating their performance and delivering significant ROI