Verint Community Use Case: Self Service Portal

Customer portal software is commonly utilized now by many different organizations since their creation. Take a look how the Verint Community (formerly Telligent) platform can help streamline your staff processes and increase customer satisfaction.

Let customers self-serve

By using a customer portal software as a web self-service tool, you can let customers log in and access important information, such as account details, recent activity and special offers.

This, paired with an easy-to-use, ergonomic interface such as the one found in Verint Community (formerly Telligent), that allows customers to serve themselves with the answers with our question and answer forums, taking out the unnecessary need to pick up the phone to call your customer service team.

Research shows that customers prefer not to have to call up organizations, and so advertising that you have a web self-service platform in the shape of portal software is another bit of added value and a reason for your customers to sign up.

Free up time for driving your business forward

As a direct result of more customers taking advantage of your customer portal software, you’re likely to find your support teams with more free resource.

For established enterprises, this means more time for your senior management to focus on support strategy and moving forward with new innovative projects.

If you’re a start-up, where job roles are blurred and everyone is pitching in support-wise, this can also be useful to help free up key thought-leaders and innovators to reinvigorate the very same spark that led to the start-up in the first place.

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Centralize information and resources

With all the accessible features and information localized into one piece of internet portal software, the usability will be centered around ease.

Not only does this work fantastically for your customers, but it means that any employees accessing the portal will benefit from the easily-accessible data, should they need to guide a customer through a call or check information.

Keep your data secure, and in sight

By using Verint Community as a customer support portal software, you’re choosing to privatize your data and documentation on your terms.

Away from the threat of cybercrime on public networks and the potentially unsecured web, Verint’s customer portal software is secure, safe and makes special use of authentication (validating identity), and authorization.

Through intelligent API-driven technology, Verint’s authentication features can be configured to work with a range of different sources, including open standards OAuth providers, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, as well as SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, SCIM and all custom single sign-on providers.

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