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  • Grew community participation to more than 50,000 users accessing information across 46 products.

  • Decreased support calls and increased first call resolution.

  • Increased sales, improved client communication and brand image.


Tyler Technologies is the largest software company in the U.S. solely focused on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector. More than 15,000 local government offices worldwide, including cities, counties, states, and schools, rely on the company’s solutions to be more productive, efficient, and responsive to the needs of the residents they serve.

Tyler’s rapid ascension did not come without growing pains. As its product portfolio grew, its client call volume grew in parallel.

Company leadership recognized the need to streamline customer support in order to continue to deliver best-in-class service. Vital to this goal was technology that would empower clients through self-service, provide them with a robust forum to connect with one another, and foster valuable product feedback.

“When it comes to providing stellar service, we push the envelope,” says Lauri Travis, community manager at Tyler Technologies. “Delivering more innovative support options fits squarely with our aim to simplify, modernize, and automate how we engage with clients and vice versa to continuously improve the customer experience.”

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With a clear vision of Tyler’s client engagement roadmap, Travis and team evaluated a number of technology platforms. This culminated in the company’s selection of Verint Community.

“The field of contenders quickly narrowed because few offered a truly comprehensive solution,” Travis notes. “[Verint] Community not only met our requirements, but it had another distinct advantage. Verint itself had used the solution to build a vast and robust user community. As a software company, we could easily relate and see how Verint’s solution could help us fuel future growth.”

After selecting Verint, Travis and team worked closely with Verint implementation resources to develop a strategy and look for the community. Simultaneously, Tyler leadership formed an executive support council to oversee the implementation process, including integration of each of the company’s product lines into the community.

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Verint Community enabled Tyler to deliver a more cohesive experience. While the company’s website was a helpful resource in the past, overall client engagement skyrocketed with the advent of a client community.

“After launching the community, we immediately saw 200 sign-ups across seven products,” states Travis. “It has since ballooned to more than 50,000 users accessing information for 46 products.”

With clients able to easily find information, download documentation, and get answers to questions via the community, Tyler has seen support calls decrease and first call resolution increase. More broadly, the community helped redefine the company’s brand. Instead of a provider of individual products, clients began seeing the organization as a holistic solutions provider to the public sector.

Client communication flourished, as the community enabled Tyler’s marketing and support groups to send targeted emails to clients based on products they use. With clients only receiving relevant information, opt outs declined and were no longer cause for missed support emails.

Overall, Verint Community helped make client engagement at Tyler more efficient, productive, innovative, and modern. Additionally, it provided the organization with an important competitive advantage.

“Access to a user community is important to prospective clients,” Travis explains. “We recognized this, began promoting our community more, and saw sales increase from it.”

Perhaps most heartening to Travis and team was the praise Tyler received from clients. This was apparent in all of the ideas and feedback received through the community.

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