Sophos Connects Over 2.5 Million Users Worldwide with Verint Community

Sophos is a worldwide leader in cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organizations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from the most advanced cyberthreats.

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The results

  • Significantly reduced bug reporting time from weeks to just hours

  • Recorded over 2 million new user visits in the last 12 months

  • Over 2.5 million users worldwide

About Sophos

A broad product and services portfolio secures users, networks, and endpoints against ransomware, malware, and a wide range of other cyberattacks.

In this age of digital consumer behaviour, more than 70 percent of users search online before contacting Sophos. Only 34 percent choose voice as their preferred channel of communication. In addition, more than 50 percent would prefer self-service.

“Ultimately, our customers want the agility they experience on Google,” says Yashraj Singha, Global Community Manager at Sophos. “They don’t want to wait for an email or be on hold in a queue waiting for someone to answer their call. They want to be able to self-serve, so they can rapidly search for solutions on their own.”

Empower customers with a great experience

Besides empowering customers with a great experience, Singha had other goals and objectives to address. These included:

  • Driving innovation: Sophos wanted to differentiate itself in the crowded cybersecurity market. To do so, it sought to provide customers and partners with a modern platform that would enable users to connect and engage on everything Sophos related.
  • Increasing efficiency: Sophos wanted to achieve cost efficiencies while also elevating customer experience by deflecting level 1, 2, and 3 support emails/calls to self-service, which became an overall business requirement.

“Overall, we wanted to make data-driven decisions to ensure we are providing customers with the products, services, and support they need to succeed,” Singha adds.


Sophos is reimagining customer and partner support with its forward-thinking, global user community powered by Verint Community. Under the company’s digital support team, the online community empowers customers to self-resolve technical issues, in turn creating proactive support content delivered through “one-to-many” channels.

The digital support team uses tutorial and troubleshooting videos, knowledge-based articles, community-created guides, and other content to help customers resolve answers through community forums and social media platforms.

The Sophos community receives millions of unique page views annually and helps users get answers to thousands of questions. For example, an award-winning Techvids video section, a dedicated area for technical support videos, receives more than 500,000+ unique views annually.

With the Verint solution, the modern, forward-thinking Sophos community receives many benefits:

  • Leverages internal marketing specialists and data to promote new digital support content, events, and news surrounding product support.  “Recommended Reads” are exclusive to the community and “Spotlights” showcase personalised profiles on people for added engagement.
  • Highly trained product/support teams monitoring the community can bypass traditional support channels to provide invaluable answers online that other users can reference in the future. Having the answers in the community also helps to quickly resolve low to medium complexity issues. For Sophos, speed is of the essence, so experts in the community team are hand-picked for their excellent communication and technical skills, helping to drive a fast community response.
  • Data-driven decisions help close knowledge gaps. Sophos has deployed Coveo search and is working towards tracking deflections that occur when someone arrives on a post from a search engine. For example, analysis will show if a certain technical topic draws a large volume of support calls. Digital content (documents, videos, etc.) can then be added to the community to enable users to receive immediate self-help. Likewise, if a sudden spike in community searches results from a new or upgraded product, the product teams can be notified to examine why and quickly remediate the issue.
  • Targeted support. In time, Sophos will conduct targeted regional analysis and guidance. For example, if a spike in technical questions on encryption, VPN, or another topic is seen across customers, Sophos can develop specific content and user group events to meet and address the demand.

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Using Verint Community as the foundation of its online, global user community, Sophos has realized several benefits, including:

  • Transformed customer journey and experience at scale: The Sophos community has over 2.5 million users worldwide. Information is available anywhere, 24×7, and is continually updated. On their busiest community group, Sophos managed to answer 100 percent of threads with an average resolution time of around 2.5 days.
  • Increased support agility: An issue reported via the community takes an average of a few hours. Likewise, StatusCast widget integration in the community enables automated platform outage reporting.
  • Maximized call deflection: More than 5,800 technical/support answers were provided in the past year, which was 10 percent above the prior year. Sophos has generated significant cost savings, which will only grow as they start tracking deflections from the search tool.
  • Enhanced engagement: Over the past 12 months, Sophos community recorded over 2 million new user visits. There were 457,000 total page views of “Recommended Read” articles, a 68% year-over-year increase. Additionally, highlighting Sophos staff and partners in blog posts increased number of quarterly views.
  • Improved responsiveness and customer experience: Questions can be answered in a fraction of the time as compared to traditional phone/email support, in some cases hours versus days.
  • Increased partner engagement: A dedicated space for partners on the Sophos community, including blogs, led to onboarding of more partners.

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