RWS Increases Brand Trust and Loyalty with Verint Community

RWS is the intelligent language and content company.

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The Results

  • Averages 45,000 unique visitors and 135,000 page views per month

  • Provides a transparent self-service platform, support, and insights to freelance translators worldwide

  • Draws users closer to RWS, increasing RWS brand trust and loyalty

The Opportunity: Closer engagement with a vast global network of freelance translators

The organization works with 90 of the world’s top 100 brands – equivalent to more than 4,500 customers – delivering 1.4 billion translated words every year through 1,400 in-house linguists. Its industry-leading machine translation technology translates 300 billion words annually.

A key challenge for RWS is to engage closely with the vast global network of freelance translators: professional, independent individuals who use RWS solutions to generate, translate, and deliver content.

“We wanted a forum for these teams to collaborate both with RWS and one another,” says Lennert Fransen, Community Coordinator at RWS. “By interacting closely, this freelance community can inform and interact with RWS and peers, ultimately enabling freelance translators to make the best use of RWS products.”

There were other ambitions for the freelance community. The vision was to create a secure, transparent forum to deliver customer product support, such as product groups, private project groups, and the latest product information. Crucially, the freelance translators would be in complete control of the community, sharing ideas and helping each other.

The Solution: Verint Community

“One of the stand-out reasons for choosing Verint Community was flexibility and adaptability,” explains Fransen. “The platform can be customized to suit our specific strategy, it’s intuitive for end users, and supports cost-efficient self-service.”

RWS implemented a modern, interactive social community based on Verint Community. The solution provides complete engagement, support, and insights to freelance translators and other customers in an intuitive, self-serve environment.

The organization uses the complete breadth of pre-built Verint Community functionality, ranging from the RWS forum, and wiki to ideas, files, and other resources.

Powerful sample use cases

RWS Discussion Forum: Users can post translation questions, discuss topics, resolve problems, and much more – engaging both with other freelance translators and RWS experts for fast, reliable resolution.

Ideas: Users can suggest and request enhancements to RWS language and content technologies. Community members can comment and up- or down-vote the enhancement requests. Moreover, seamless integration with RWS development platform enables popular suggestions to be progressed using workflow, with community members notified of product management follow up.

Wikis: Community members can create and curate user-generated content. For example, the latest edition of a client brand style guide can be managed and distributed, ensuring only the latest, ”single version of the truth” edition is available for translation work.

Videos: The RWS community YouTube channel is a popular way to receive RWS product support, quick ”tips and tricks,” and best practices, as well as catch up on recorded RWS webinars.

Learn More About Verint Community Features

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As would be expected of a leading language translation provider, the RWS community is available in more than 25 languages. Using state-of-the-art neural-based RWS Machine Translation, community content is translated instantly.

Users can either choose to translate all the content on a page or an individual forum thread/comment. They can ask questions in their own language, reply to others in their own language, and understand a post in a foreign language.

“The RWS community is a forward-thinking way for our customers to learn, meet, and share information,” notes Fransen. “They can learn with other users, expand their product insights, and, ultimately, advance their translation services.”

The Benefits: A vital platform to empower customers and maintain their loyalty to the RWS brand

Since going live, the RWS community has become a crucial component of RWS’s client relationship strategy. The benefits include:

  • Scale and reach: RWS community averages 45,000 unique visitors and 135,000 page views every month. The volume of visitors has quadrupled in the last four years and is currently growing by approximately 1,000 users each month. Approximately 380 forum posts are published monthly.
  • Collaborative partnerships: By engaging both with translation peers and RWS experts, the global network of freelance translators has a” voice” within a collaborative community of like-minded professionals.
  • Flexibility: Lennert and his team can quickly and efficiently administer the RWS community. New wikis, forums, and other social applications can be developed and launched in a friendly codeless environment.
  • User satisfaction: RWS frequently polls its community users using a Net Promoter Score evaluation to understand satisfaction in areas such as ease of navigation and search functionality. The question, ”Do you feel the RWS community adds value?“ scored “extremely highly” according to Fransen.
  • Transparency: RWS community is an open and independent social community (monitored simply by RWS for blasphemy and similar content), inspiring deep-rooted, trusted relationships between RWS and its customers.
  • Integration: The Verint Community platform connects with RWS’s Salesforce customer support system. If a customer post requires additional support, automated workflow channels the support request into Salesforce for prompt, expert remediation via a support engineer.
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