National Telecom Puts Verint Open Platform to Work to Reduce Talk Time and Improve Customer Satisfaction While Supporting Self-Service Channel Shift

National Telecom Public Company Limited is a state-enterprise, leading in digital and telecommunication services in Thailand.

The results

  • 18%

    Reduced average talk time by 18%

  • 14%

    Achieved a 14% increase in agents proactively promoting self-service in support of channel shift initiatives

  • 3%

    Improved overall customer satisfaction scores by 3%

About National Telecom Public Company Limited

National Telecom Public Company Limited is a state-enterprise, leading in digital and telecommunication services in Thailand. It was established and corporatized in 2021 following the merger of CAT Telecom Public Company Limited and TOT Public Company Limited. National Telecom provides comprehensive communication services and digital technology across five business groups, including fixed line and broadband, mobile, international service, digital infrastructure, and hard infrastructure.

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The company was interested in tapping the rich customer interaction insights from its contact center to support its business goals and key initiatives. Central to this focus was empowering agents with better tools and processes to assist customers with service issues. By doing so, National Telecom aimed to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. At the same time, it sought to better educate customers on the availability of self-service options to support the organization’s channel shift strategy.


Recognizing the need for an open, AI-powered engagement platform to enable it to transcribe customer calls and analyze call drivers, National Telecom opted for Verint Open Platform and best-of-breed Verint Speech Analytics to support its large-scale call studies that can approach 75,000 contact center interactions.

With Verint Open Platform, National Telecom can optimally take advantage of data, AI, and open best-of-breed applications to drive CX automation, without disrupting its existing enterprise technology ecosystem. Further, powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and with outstanding transcription and comprehension accuracy, Verint Speech Analytics enables National Telecom to transcribe 100 percent of recorded calls to automatically discover and analyze key words, phrases, and themes from its abundance of customer interactions. The resulting insights can then be used to optimize processes, improve performance, and elevate customer experience (CX).

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Putting the Verint Da Vinci AI-powered Verint Speech Analytics to work, National Telecom is revealing trends and insights to formulate strategies and processes for newfound levels of operational efficiency, agent support, and CX improvements.

Verint Speech Analytics has helped the organization exponentially reduce administrative overhead and minimize the timeframe to gain vital insights. Previously, generating insights from manual call listening/studies required at least one week’s time. Today, these insights are generated and delivered within 24 hours. As a result, the resource utilization of National Telecom’s analytics team has improved by 30 percent.

Using Verint Speech Analytics, National Telecom discovered that the root cause of calls with the longest average talk time (ATT) stemmed from service problems such as internet connection issues. Following changes to improve the troubleshooting process and arm agents with additional tools and knowledge articles, the company saw an 18 percent reduction in ATT.

In support of its channel shift strategy, National Telecom has increased its customer self-service rate. When it first began leveraging Verint Speech Analytics to conduct call studies, it found that only six percent of agents were proactively communicating self-service channels to customers. Since then, with an improved focus on agent adherence to scripting, there has been a 14 percent increase in agents proactively advising customers of their self-service options.

Finally, Verint Speech Analytics helped National Telecom identify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction. Armed with this actionable insight, the company increased its overall CSAT score by 3%.

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