Mphasis Leverages Best-of-Breed Verint Analytics and Insights Solutions to Help a Leading U.S. Healthcare Provider Improve Employee Productivity

Verint Operations Visualizer and Verint Application Triggers arm a leading global IT solutions provider with CX automation to enhance its client’s operational visibility, performance, and compliance.

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  • Increased visibility and enhanced employee productivity.

  • Reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Ensures agent adherence to established WFM guidelines.

About Mphasis

Mphasis, a leading global IT solutions provider with annual revenue of $1.6 billion, has always been committed to enhancing its clients’ operational efficiency. With a global presence in 21 countries and over 37,000 employees, the company serves more than 630 clients worldwide.

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Mphasis partnered with Verint to help strengthen its visibility into employee performance, seeking to track work progress more efficiently to boost employee productivity and overall operational performance. An added benefit was enabling Mphasis to significantly transform and improve employee productivity for its client, a leading U.S. healthcare provider.

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To help it meet its goals, Mphasis deployed Verint Operations Visualizer and Verint Application Triggers. Verint’s world-class consulting team played a pivotal role in the deployment, starting with a comprehensive discovery call to uncover critical insights. Throughout the deployment, the team went above and beyond, demonstrating unwavering commitment and delivering exceptional value to ensure a seamless implementation of Verint Operations Visualizer and Verint Application Triggers.

With Verint Operations Visualizer, the company and, in turn, its end client gained the ability to track employee work progress comprehensively. Additionally, with the solution, employees gained access to real-time performance metrics reflecting their productivity and how they spent their time on various applications. This improved transparency and ignited a sense of self-correction and motivation among employees.


The enhanced visibility into employee productivity made possible by Verint Operations Visualizer provided Mphasis and, as a result, the healthcare provider with a more holistic view of their operations. They could now differentiate between productive and non-productive time, including break periods. In addition, with clearly defined targets, employees were motivated to perform more efficiently, helping to mitigate the issue of uncompleted daily tasks.

Given its enhanced operational visibility, Mphasis achieved a remarkable improvement in agent productivity. With the Verint Open CCaaS solutions, the company’s agents now complete most transactions within regular working hours, translating to reduced costs and higher customer satisfaction.

Further, the introduction of Verint Application Triggers streamlined operational procedures. For example, with the Verint solution triggering notifications automatically when agents log in, Mphasis can ensure ongoing agent adherence to established workforce management and other company guidelines.

“Overall, our strategic deployment of Verint’s solutions enabled us to transform operations for our client, a leading U.S. healthcare provider,” says Rajat Gupta, SVP & Head, Global Delivery, NextOps Portfolio, at Mphasis. “It is a testament to the power of leveraging an ecosystem of partners in resolving complex operational challenges. Verint’s solutions allowed us to proactively enhance productivity while reducing costs. In the future, we plan to add Verint to engagements of a similar nature.”

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